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Some ideas for the offense


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In my opinion, the key to the Browns' winning more of the remaining games this season is scoring via long sustained drives. This will keep their opponents off the field, thus keeping opposing team scoring down.


Here's some things I think they should focus on for the rest of the season.


#1--be able to generate rushing yards from the left, middle and right. Currently the Browns are much more successful running left than in the middle or the right. This makes them easier to defend. They need to generate yards equally across all 3 rushing attack zones.


#2--go to a faster-paced offense using more no huddle to help keep defenses in check. McCoy is well-schooled in this as it was used by Texas.


#3--throw a LOT more on 1st down and throw deep more often. This will keep defenses guessing more.


#4--use the big men...meaning keep the tight ends and full back as strategic offensive threats. This means these guys got to get open and catch what is thrown to them of course.






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#5 - draft Green, the wr out of Georgia, well, if he's there...


The Browns need a blue chip bigtime star at WR.


Green has character, and maturity, and is the #1 wr on any draft board, I believe.


The point about passing more on first and second downs... Dabol is FINALLY starting to do that...


was it the low caliber talent of bigfoot and bighead, the two previous qbs, that made Dabol not trust


calling any screen? Or forcing him to always call a run on first and second down? Thank GOD those days are gone?

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Agree on all counts. We were better running to the right side last year but personnel has changed.


Our tight ends and fullback create mismatches and do need to see the ball a lot and as Calfox said we need a great receiver that isn't a primadona. It has turned out that Shipley probably would have helped us more than we thought

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