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We are halfway (almost) through the season and our team is getting better every single week. I for one am very excited about where this team is heading. And I am also glad that i was NEVER one of those fans who called for Mangini to be fired. Or for Quinn to play when he was here. lol. I think this team has more talent then last year and we should see more players in the Pro Bowl this year. I was interested to see who others thought should be selected. It is an off week so it seemed like a good time to throw this out for conversation.


My selections


Reggie Hodges - depending how you look at the stats you could argue that Hodges is the second best punter in the AFC so far this year. 14 punts inside the 20 to only 5 touchbacks. And a 40.5 net average. I think. The great special teams efforts help his numbers but I say he is deserving. Even without considering that sweet run.


TJ Ward - Ward's numbers make him the second best SS in the NFL in terms of tackles (60) and the best in the AFC! Just wish he would come up with a few interceptions. The next closest tackler is Fujita with 44.


Joe Thomas - May make it just based on reputation although I do not feel like he has been as good this year as he was the past two years.


Vickers - Is definately deserving


Hillis has been amazing for usthis year but not good enough to compete here unless he comes up with a few huge games down the stretch.


Cribbs hasn't done much of anything this year. The fact that teams will not kick to him sure hurts his chances. One or two returns for a TD and he will be back in the conversation.


I would also like to see Sorenson and a couple of our other special teams guy there, but that won't happen of course.


So what do the rest of you think?

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