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November Stuff


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Just a few things going on:


Shin-Soo arrived in China along with his Korean teammates for the Asian Games, which start this week. They win and he's waiver-eligible when it comes to his military service obligation. Lose and he's...not exactly out of options (US citizenship and all that) but there are timing issues with that stuff. So...go Korea!






Jayson Nix will be playing third in Winter League ball and Castro suggests that he could be in line for the gig next April, with Chisenhall hopefully the long-term solution:






Some girl in Minnesota is knee-deep in that whole Grady Sizemore-Internet Photo thing. No clue what any of this means but here are the high-points:


An Apple Valley teen has been charged in connection with racy pictures of Cleveland Indians Baseball player Grady Sizemore that were distributed across the Internet last year.


Leah Michelle Ayers, 19, a St. Cloud State University student, was charged with two gross misdemeanors for unauthorized computer access, according to a Dakota County criminal complaint filed Tuesday.


Through an investigation, the Internet protocol address of the computer where the e-mail was accessed led investigators to an Apple Valley apartment at 12645 Germane Ave., where Ayers lives with her mother, the complaint stated. The account was accessed four times in 2009 on Aug. 19 and Aug 21.


Last April, Apple Valley police searched Ayers's home and seized two computers, several DVD and CD discs, and other storage devices, the complaint said. A week later, investigators questioned Ayers.


Ayers told police she knew who Binger was. She also said she was living at the Apple Valley apartment when Binger's e-mail account was illegally accessed. Ayers told investigators that she understood Yahoo.com accounts, and how to change passwords by knowing "basic information" about the person.


Three days before the April 14 interview, police asked Ayers to bring her laptop computer to the interview. However, she said it was having its fan repaired at St. Cloud University in Stearns County, according to the complaint. After the interview, police notified university officials who said Ayers brought the computer in April 13 to have its hard-drive reformatted and software installed.


Authorities searched the laptop and found evidence that Binger's e-mail account had been accessed from Ayers' computer, according to the complaint. She obtained access on Aug. 20 and Aug. 19 in 2009 by answering two security questions about Binger. Ayers had several photographs on her computer from Binger's e-mail account. She also viewed Binger's Facebook, Twitter and MySpace accounts.


Just go here to read the whole thing - http://www.twincities.com/ci_16575608?nclick_check=1




Over on the West Coast, Jim Smiley is thrilled that the Dodgers traded Franklin Gutierrez for Milton Bradley. Not because it was a good trade but because yet another organization over-valued Bradley and decided to give the Dodgers Andre Either for Milton:


Fortunately for the Dodgers, Gutierrez received the award while wearing another team’s uniform. That’s right; the fact that Gutierrez won the award as a Seattle Mariner is more than positive for Dodger fans.


That’s because of what the Dodgers netted after trading him away.






Lastly, some guy over at Bleacher Report put together a list of possible replacements for the just fired Miller/Morgan team on ESPN's SNB. Number 8 on his list - Hammy and Hershiser:


ESPN is likely to tap Hershiser and Dan Shulman as a replacement for Sunday nights. If they don't like the chemistry between him and Dan Shulman, maybe they'll go out and get another play-by-play man, one who actually broadcast Hershiser games back in the mid-1990s.


Hamilton is the voice of the Cleveland Indians, and has been since the early 1990s. He is one of the best around and it's surprising that after 20 years he hasn't gone national yet. (Maybe he doesn't want to).


After he spent eight years in the booth beside the late Herb Score, it would be cool to see Hamilton paired with another iconic pitcher from the franchise he's been with for two decades.





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