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Anyone see this car at Tailgate?


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I wouldn't own a Sebring if it was given to me.


I will never buy another Chrysler product as long as I live. My 97 Stratus I bought in 99 needed a new engine at 85,000 miles and transmission at 105,000. Then I was dumb enough to buy a 2000 Intrepid brand new and when it was 3 years old I had to have the motor replaced at 81,000 miles because of the sludge problem with the 2.7 engines. My warrenty expired at 80,000 miles and Chrysler told me to fuk off and wouldn't help me. I wish I could of told them the same thing when Obama used our tax money to bail out the same company that told me to fuk off when I needed there help.




What's funny is my BMW that has 180,000 miles never gave me a single problem and 3 weeks ago my girlfriend had to have her transmission replaced in her 2002 PT Cruiser that has 120,000 miles.

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