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Why the Browns lost to the Jets


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In my opinion, it came down to 3rd down. The Browns defense could not get off the field in 3rd down almost the entire game, but especially in the 2nd half. An 11 minute drive to start the half is unacceptable. It totally broke up any rhythm the offense had before the half. This game wouldn't have been nearly as close had the offense had a chance in the 3rd quarter.


The Jets played the type of game we played the last 2 games. They controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, they had some trickery and ran the "WildDawg" effectively. To put it this way, we got beat at our own game.


A little off topic from the title, but it must be said... Colt is it. I say we are a #1 wide receiver and a shut down corner (and depth at other positions, of course) away from being a legitimate playoff team.


Time to put this one behind us and focus on Jacksonville.

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