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Woodstoves and stuff


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Well, our Courts have ruled that internet censoring (web fairness doctrine like), cannot be done.

Congress said the same thing.

But ObaMao's FCC will do it anyways.


Cap n trade and tax out the wazoo was shelved. But ObaMao directed his energy czar to

do it anyways.


"State capitalism" = socialism = state control over what they want to control in industry.

Let's see. ObaMao has dabbled in controlling:


Auto industry? Check.


Health care? Check.


Eduction? Check.


Our economy? Check.


Our internet? Check.


Our conservative TV and talk radio? Nope. Wants to, blabbers about it, can't do it.


Elections? A tiny little Check. See ACORN, SEIU, the Education and Gov and Other Unions massive funding (bought and paid for with "stimulus funds" and Obamao's "Justice Dept" dropping charges against the black panthers, not investigating ACORN and SEIU, for examples...


Mortgages? Check.


Banking industry? Double Check.


Our personal lives? Check. See anything we do that requires energy. Or food. Or our groins at airports.


Farming industry? Check.


Construction industry? Check. See the bailouts, and even Obamao ADMITTED there weren't any such things as "shovel ready" projects.

But, it SOUNDED GOOD to garner votes for the midterm election, didn't it?

Didn't work though. Because the bark has completely fallen off the FREAKIN UGLY and DANGEROUS OBAMAO TREE.


Admit it. It has, and I said it a long time ago now. You heard it here first. Look at his popularity. Kerplunk, right?

A lot of Dems are quitting being sheep because Chairman ObaMao imaginary luster now looks and smells like crap.


So, we are in big, big serious trouble I think. Our national debt is well past mega-crisis, at least in future direction.

Stopping the dumbass liberal throwing away of trillions of dollars toward utopia and cutting down the size of gov will

be the two major moves to save us....


NO, it isn't us paying higher taxes.


And, you see the devasted look on ObaMao's and the Dems' faces when they realize they HAVE to continue the Bush

tax cuts?


Boy, they HATE THAT.




If mega inflation hits, and Obamao's energy fascists skyrocket energy prices and put coal co.'s out of biz...

(yes, Heck, dammit, OBAMAO SAID THAT)..


consider getting a woodstove. After all, you get a bad winter, and/or some terrorist act, and your homes could be

out of electricity. The grid could crash. Or, you or your spouse may lose a job, God forbid, and you have to cut back

on expenses.


Woodstoves, the good quality ones, are very efficient. You can buy one that burns shelled corn, or wood pellets.

Or, firewood.


My advice is, buy AMERICAN.


And, if you buy one before Dec 31, (Thank you, Pres Bush and intelligent people in our gov), you will qualify for

a tax credit !

Any good hardward store, Tractor Supply, etc, should be able to help you research one for your home.


We bought a fireplace insert. All these years, we've had a pretty little fireplace in our great room. But a regular

fireplace is extremely inefficient. The fireplace insert is a Buck Stove, AMERICAN MADE, and is designed to

fit right into our fireplace. And, we had brand new tan carpet decades ago. So, we never used our pretty little



It's awesome. We have been heating our entire home with it on four or five nice split logs a day. Shoot, the regular

electric furnace (we're all electric) doesn't run much at all. When it does, the fan circulates the heat around the house.


The stove is beautiful, ours has a big glass door in the front, and two 45 degree windows on the front corners.

The light it puts out is beautiful. We have always loved campfires. And the heat, the blower is thermostatically

switched on only when the stove starts to warm up. It sticks out of the fireplace about 5.5 inches. We could heat

water for coffee and tea and hot cereral, etc on it if we had to.

It puts out this wonderfully warm heat that is warmer than electric heat on a cold winter day. It drafts so nicely,

I can open the door, and if it's just smoldering and smoking before taking off, the smoke still won't come out of the door

toward me, it goes up the flue.


The flue pipe is 6" round, and is inside an 8" pipe, and that is inside the old 10 inch pipe that always was in

our chimney. This means that it's very, very safe. The cold air around the flue pipes draws the hot smoke exhaust air in terrific fashion.


I can't believe how much fun this thing is. It's going to be terrific when we see the difference in our total winter

energy use of electricity.


so, Obamao, stick it up your nose. "Country boys can survive"


Even with a new install, or an old one, you should learn all about running it, and always be safe. Have

a new carbon monoxide monitor installed (our's is plug in, with battery backup), and a fire extinguisher.


The pro who advised us, and installed it for us, told me that his furnace is gas, and the gas co. came out

and replaced his gas meter twice, thinking that the meter to his house couldn't be working right.

But the second time, he met the guy out there, and laughed and explained he had a new wood stove installed,

and didn't use so much natural gas anymore.


Just a thought. We are so much more self sufficient with it. I've heard some areas have or want to outlaw

the outdoor units. Well, those cost too much anyways.


We LOVE ours. And I hope the Bush tax cuts are renewed (I'm certain they will be, too bad fascist Obamao),

and we can really appreciate our tax credit.


That's just my survival/independence/self-reliance thoughts for today.


On the wood burning side, well, it's nice to have 14 acres of beautiful woods, and a farmer neighbor

who is giving me a whole lot of hardwood trees he wants cut down from around his old pastures...

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If you listen to Glenn Beck, he'll explain parts of why we are in big, big trouble.


This is some stuff that is important. We should just be aware of the probabilities, that


we may have to plan for security, food, water, electric, heat, etc, in case that big big trouble really happens.


I hope it doesn't. But we are heading down that road.



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Yes, and the story of the "Little Red Hen". I would modify it to include communists, liberals, socialists, and many, many "Democrats",

and maybe a few Republicans from liberal states...


but it isn't just our country. It's everywhere. It's a natually developing subculture around the world.

That's why you see Greece and France and Venzuela and... on and on.


When enough people think like this, instead of courageously getting off their ass to help themselves, work for themselves..

bad things happen, always. And sleazy manipulators always rise to the top with vicious class warfare rhetoric.


Hitler did it. Mussolini did it. Chavez did it. Mao did it. Those are some of histories worst, most vile examples.


Obamao does it all the time. The head of the Greece gov, socialist, does. The head of the UN does. The head of the EU does.


Right now, it's a big voting block of people who have been told that they don't have, because it's our fault because we do.


But we worked hard for it, and a lot of other's took shortcuts that didn't work, like crime, or just relied on welfare,


and LBJ's "great society". Teach people to fish. If they are too lazy to "fish", then it's THEIR FREAKIN FAULT, and THEIR CONSEQUENCES.


Welfare to those, no problem. But to take what we have, more and more, because they don't have much?


The American people aren't in any kind of minority in this country. and this country wasn't created and built by


lazy losers. (and no, Heck, we aren't talking about those who are not mentally or phsycially able to support themselves).




We learned the virtue of hard work, effort and reaping what was sewn. Some historians say the folktale originates from either England or Russia. Both countries probably had some variation on the same theme, or else the story traveled along from oral tradition. Joseph Jacobs was supposedly the first person to put it to pen.


The different versions have either a mouse, cat, dog, goose, duck, cow and or horse. All of them are lazy, sleeping, or playing with undesirable character traits, and not obliged to helping their friend the chicken on the friendly farm.


Alternately, the chicken wants to turn the grain into some baked good. As in our life, we are given the seed, some material from heaven, which we utilize and transform into something useful in our world.


In the end, would you share your finished product, if all your friends didn't pitch in to help? What would be your attitude? How can the problem be solved?


Here is one version of the story:


One day the Little Red Hen was scratching in a field, she found a grain of wheat that had dropped from heaven.


She asked herself, "This wheat should be planted."


Then asked her farm friends, "Who will plant this grain of wheat?"


"Not I," said the Goat


"Not I," said the Pig


"Not I," said the Goose


"Then I will," said the Little Red Hen. And she did.


Soon the wheat grew to be tall and strong.


"The wheat is ripe," said the Little Red Hen. "Who will cut the wheat?"


"Not I," said the Goat


"Not I," said the Pig


"Not I," said the Goose


"Then I will," said the Little Red Hen. And she did.


When the wheat was cut, the Little Red Hen said,


"Who will thresh the wheat?"


"Not I," said the Goat


"Not I," said the Pig


"Not I," said the Goose


"Then I will," said the Little Red Hen. And she did.


When the wheat was threshed, the Little Red Hen said,


"Who will take this wheat to the mill?"


"Not I," said the Goat


"Not I," said the Pig


"Not I," said the Goose


"Then I will," said the Little Red Hen. And she did.


She took the wheat to the mill and had it ground into flour.


Then she said, "Who will make this flour into bread?"


"Not I," said the Goat


"Not I," said the Pig


"Not I," said the Goose


"Then I will," said the Little Red Hen. And she did.


She made and baked the bread.


Then she said, "Who will eat this bread?"


"I will," said the Goat


"I will," said the Pig


"I will," said the Goose


"Oh no you won't!" said the Little Red Hen. "I will do that." And she did.

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