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Don Meredith


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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP)—Don Meredith, one of the most recognizable figures of the early Dallas Cowboys and an original member of ABC’s “Monday Night Football” broadcast team, died Sunday. He was 72.


Meredith’s wife, Susan, told The Associated Press on Monday her husband died in Santa Fe after suffering a brain hemorrhage and lapsing into a coma. She and her daughter were at Meredith’s side when he died.


“He was the best there was,” she said, describing him as kind, warm and funny. “We lost a good one.”

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I don't believe there was ever a more likeable commentator than Don.


I really enjoyed reading about his antics frequently and literally drove Cosell into raging fits and outbursts.

The guy would come in to the booth sauced, make goof statements or blunders and regardless, teh fans still adored the guy.


I feel fortunate to have watched him play and also to have been there for the golden age of Monday Night Football.


The excitement of MNF back then is impossible to describe to those who weren't around. MNF was a social event and even non NFL fans would tune in for the antics.


I think the lowest points for MNF were Dennis Miller, Rush Limbaugh and WORST of all.......... Dan Dierdork. That guy is a self-important, arrogant and worhtless prick. I remeber during one telecat then retired Frank Gifford was talking about taking Bednarik's now legendary hit, a hit so hard that Gifford sat out the following year, as I recall it.


Asshole Dierdork couldn't just let Bednarik have his say, he had to talk trash with the old timer and wind up challenging him to square off on the field if he wanted to see who was tougher.


Any way, I digress. Meredith was a class act all the way around. MNF today has the most boring telecast imaginable.


The great Ghoolie some of us graybeards remember all about when it was when football was the "Greatest Show on Earth" and Dandy Don was part of it

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