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WOOF WOOF: Week Fourteen


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Beanpot's League:

For those of you who have been in deep space either literally or figuratively, Greenville Mayhem is the only team that had clinched a playoff spot in this league prior to this past weekend's action. For the rest of the league it was a fight to the finish!!


The most exciting gridiron skirmish of the week turned out to be the battle for 4th place and the final spot in the Championship round. Calfox KosarDawgs fought it out with Dot the I in a matchup that was not decided until the MNF game between Baltimore and Houston that was decided in overtime. Dot the I had the edge going into Monday Night with 78 points and Ray Rice warming up on the sidelines. Calfox trailed only slightly with 72 points and Andre Johnson raring to go. Ray Rice exceeded expectations and added 15 to Dot's total. Calfox must be livin' right because Andre Johnson was not intimidated and scored 30 points of his own. Final score: Calfox 102 and the Championship playoffs, Dot 93 and the Consolation round. Dot the I was last seen in the neighborhood Doc-in-the-Box seeking treatment for the head injury sustained as he beat his head against the wall. Calfox earned the right to face Greenville Mayhem in the semifinals.


T's Jelly Donuts made a number of roster changes in an attempt to play the role of spoiler but wasn't quite able to pull it off. As a result, the number three spot goes to The Usual Suspects. Michael Vick (20) and company lead the Suspects to victory by a score of 72-57.


Beanpot easily earned the second seed in the Championship round by soundly defeating Navdawg's Browns 111-44. Chris Johnson (25), Pittsburgh's defense (25) and Tom Brady (19) helped Beans record a very impressive 1384 total team "points for" for the season. This represents the highest point total for the league and the only team to score over 1300 points. Because of his 67 point margin of victory, Beanpot also takes home the Toyota "Greatest Fantasy Victor" award for the week. It will be The Usual Suspects versus Beanpot in the semifinal.


To finish off the season, Mayhem's Kyle Orton (-5) opened the door for Huskymania who still had a chance at a Consolation round slot. Unfortunately for Huskymania, Aaron Rodgers' injury slammed the door shut, leaving Mania in the #9 spot. Greenville Mayhem 45, Huskymania 31. The outcome has left Mayhem puzzling over how to return the team to early season form. Huskymania won't have to worry about Rodgers' status and can enjoy post season fantasy play from the comfort of his easy chair rather than pacing the sidelines.


Dot the I will be facing Ballantyne Buckeyes in round one of post-season fantasy play. The Buckeyes claimed the last availabe playoff spot by defeating Insert Clever Name 77-59. In classic fantasy football irony, ICN's Peyton Manning (18) helped Pierre Garcon (24) lead the Buckeye's to victory.


Frigid Florida temperatures must have gotten to Zombo because he lit a fire under his team to win the Viagra high scorer trophy. The Cleveland defense posted the only single digit for the team. Darren McFadden (34) and Deion Branch (24) provided particularly inspired play in the defeat of Texas Chainsaw Massaquoi 128-81. Zombo had better hide the Viagra from his team because they'll have to be ready for a rematch with Massaquoi who earned a Consolation round berth despite the loss.


Relieved that the season is over?:

These teams battled all season and helped keep the League competitive and fun. Thanks, guys!


NavDawg's Browns

T's Jelly Donuts

Insert Clever Name


To recap, it will be:

(1) Greenville Mayhem vs. (4) Calfox KosarDawgs

(2) Beanpot vs. (3) The Usual Suspects


(5) Dot the I vs. (8) Ballantyne Buckeyes

(6) Texas Chainsaw Massaquoi vs. (7) Zombo's WildDawgs in a rematch


Oreo's League:

The top four teams in this league had already been decided but seven teams with similar records fought tooth and nail for the consolation round spots.


Oreo's Team was able to tame The Hammer 106-71 thanks to high scorers Darren McFadden (34) and Andre Johnson (30). Oreo secured the #5 spot with a 7-6-1 record, edging out sixth place The Hammer at 6-7-1.


Four teams finished with records of 6-8-0, the final standings were therefore decided by "Points For." Lambdo's Air Show lost to Kamac 19 by a score of 82-80 but the defeat ultimately didn't matter. Lambdo, with 1140 PF still finished ahead of Kamac at 1088.


Hammertime was bashed by first place DD's, 94-67 and finished in 9th place with 967 PF.


Dirty hands chose a peculiar week of the season to throw his hands in the air by leaving both Frank Gore (IR) and Brett Favre (out) on the active roster for the week. The result was the equivalent of a surrender to the last place Bronx Browns who fielded a team that included Lee Evans (NA). Dirty hands thus finishes the season at 6-8-0 in 10th place with 907 PF.


The team that must still be sitting in stunned disbelief is Ben There Raped That. Ben There had the collosal misfortune of having to face second place Kentucky Barn Burners in this final week of regular season fantasy play. The Barn Burners finished off BTRT handily 104-61. What's stunning about that? Ben There Raped That finishes the season with a record of 5-9-0 and "Points For" total of 1225 which is higher than the season PF of 1182 that belongs to the Barn Burners. Had BTRT managed to win this week, they would have easily snagged a consolation round berth based on the PF tie breaker. They are, instead, stuck in the next to last spot in the league and idle in the post season.


Beanpot sent a case of Florida grapefruit to Adrian Peterson to thank him for the single point he scored this week in fantasy play. Beans defeated Choo Choo's by one, 89-88.


The playoff picture is as follows:

(1) DD's vs. (4) Choo Choo's

(2) Kentucky Barn Burners vs. (3) Beanpot


(5) Oreo's Team vs. (8) Kamac 19

(6) The Hammer vs. (7) Lambdo's Air Show


The Heidi Report



This was the last week of regular season games and change in the standings is still ongoing. Cleveland Steamers has re-claimed the #1 spot, My Helmet's 2Tight is back at #2, Ballantyne Bruisers is at #3 and fatherof3 is hanging at #4. More on the playoff matchs up after the report!


My Helmet's 2Tight won the match up against lets go browns with a score of 76-62. Helmet, choosing not to be complacent even at this late stage of the season was grateful for the win and congratulated lets go browns on scoring higher than his projected points.

The Top scorers for these teams are: For lets go browns: Chris Johnson 25 and Brandon Marshall 9. For My Helmet's 2Tight: Maurice Jones-Drew 16 and Phillip Rivers 12


The contest between Brownies and RunninUover gives the win to RunninUover with a victory of 77-64 and gives him his 7th win of the season.

The Top scorers for these 2 teams are: for Brownies: Vernon Davis 15 and Mike Goodson 11. For RunninUover: Knowshon Moreno 18 and Donovan McNabb 16


The game between ImisstheKosarDays and stewartcj1 brings win #6 for ImisstheKosarDays with a final score of 84-59. This game was projected to be within 1 point of each other with the extra point going to stewartcj1 but it wasn't meant to be. The Top scorers for these 2 teams are, for ImisstheKosarDays: Tom Brady 19 and Ray Rice 15. For stewartcj1: David Buehler 12 and Mike Tolbert with 11.


why cant we win fell victim as so many others have to Cleveland Steamers this week. Steamers has been a formidable team all season and everyone does their best whether playing Cleveland Steamers or any other team so valiant effort from why cant we win. The Top scorers for these teams are, why cant we win: Michael Vick 20 and Reggie Wayne 11. For Cleveland Steamers: Andre Johnson 30 and Wes Welker 15.


Our current #3 team Ballantyne Bruisers took a loss this week to Nw220 with a very close score of 59-56. Nw220 should be doing a happy dance with this one. They say close only counts in horseshoes but a W is a W even if by only 3 points. Their Top scorers are as follows, for Nw220: Marques Colston 20 and Payton Manning 18. For Ballantyne Bruisers: Ahmad Bradshaw 17 and LeSean McCoy 12.


Last, but certainly not least we have our Toyota Greatest Fantasy Victor of week 14 going to Tecmo Bo's win over fatherof3 with a score of 95-67 with a +28 points. Congrats Tecmo Bo. The Top scorers for Tecmo Bo were: Darren McFadden 34 and DeSean Jackson 24. And for fatherof3: Michael Turner 26 and Tony Gonzalez 11.


The Playoff Games for Week 15: ( ) = Rank


(1) Cleveland Steamers

(4) fatherof3



(2) My Helmet's 2Tight

(3) Ballantyne Bruisers


The Consolation Games:


(5) RunninUover

(8) ImisstheKosarDays



(6) Tecmo Bo

(7) Nw220


Good luck to all the teams in the playoffs and Consolation games and I hope ALL the teams will continue to give everything they have in these last games. EVERY win counts for everyone.


The Great Zomboni


In League 4, Mr. Freeze's Snowmen held on to first place by virtue of overall points despite losing to 11th place Werewolves of Linden 86-67. Team Inglewood Jack finished second with an identical 10-4 mark after winning its fourth in row, dismantling the Jumping Jack Flash 83-56. Third place went to Bermeck's KY Hicks despite getting blasted for the second week in a row, this time by Viagra High Scorer of the week (and consolation qualifier) TX Chanisaw Massaquoi 111-67. The fourth and final playoff position went to Big Bad Dawgs who beat Polk High in the only "meaningful" game of the week 80-67 behind 24 points each from Pierre Garcon and Deshean Jackson.


In other scores, Calfox Kosar Dawgs and the Flea Flickers qualified forthe consolation round as the Dawgs blasted Husymania 93-17 (nice effort John) and the Flickers mercifully ended my Real McCoy's last place season 79-66.


So here are the playoff matchups:



(1) Mr. Freeze's Snowmen

(4) BigBadDawgs



(2) Team InglewoodJack

(3) Bermeck's Ky Hicks


And consolation matchups:



(5) Polk High

(8) Flea Flickers



(6) TXChainsawMassaquois

(7) Calfox KosarDawgs


And the Final Standings:


*1. Mr. Freeze's Snowmen 10-4-0 .714 1274 1138 L-2 9 10

*2. Team InglewoodJack 10-4-0 .714 1246 1073 W-4 11 33

*3. Bermeck's Ky Hicks 9-5-0 .643 1015 997 L-2 12 9

*4. BigBadDawgs 8-5-1 .607 1221 1026 W-1 8 6

5. Polk High 8-6-0 .571 1215 1273 L-1 2 8

6. TXChainsawMassaquois 7-7-0 .500 1270 1056 W-1 4 38

7. Calfox KosarDawgs 7-7-0 .500 1231 1167 W-4 5 10

8. Flea Flickers 7-7-0 .500 1207 1173 W-1 3 7

9. Jumpin' Jack Flash 6-8-0 .429 943 1071 L-6 7 1

10. Huskymania 6-8-0 .429 781 985 L-1 1 4

11. Werewolves of Linden 3-11-0 .214 1066 1289 W-2 10 29

12. Zombo's Real McCoys 2-11-1 .179 909 1130 L-1 6 29


Good luck, everyone in the playoffs and Merry Christmas ... I'll see you all over in Bowl Mania!


Oh, and Kathy, I took care of that Heidi picture...

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Thank you, sir. Excellent work!



If you guys are talking about the size of the picture, I'm sorry. I should have tried to resize it when I sent it to you Kathy. It was kinda big and all up in your face size wasn't it? For the life of me, I cannot put pictures on here that's why I'm glad you guys know what you're doing. Thank you Zombo.

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