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Jim Brown Interview on his firing !!


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Didn't have time to listen to the interview but from what I read from when Brown was fired was the Holmgren said that the teams just wasn't going to use him as an adviser anymore (They brought in Holmgren to be all the adviser that they needed). Really it was just "Hey we don't need you to do this job anymore so we aren't going to pay you to do nothing" type of deal. Holmgren did it respectfully and told Brown that they would still like him to be part of the organization in some way but Brown blew up and actually tried to make it a race issue!? I actually lost respect for Brown after the way he acted after being let go.

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In my office hangs an 8 x 10 picture of Jim Brown with his arm around 7 year old Ghoolie. It was taken at Hiram after practice in 1963. Later, in the early 90's at a Jim Brown celebration at the HOF, not only did Jim sign the picture, but when my Dad approached him for the autograph, from the many years and games and practices we attended, Jim Brown remebered my Dad and said, - and I quote -, "How are you doing, Charlie".


As you might imagine that event and that picture mean an indescribable amount to me, both in terms of my love for my Dad, and our love for the great Jim Brown.


When Jim Brown abused women, it disappointed me. Whenever he would go off on racism lectures, it was often uncomfortable.


But lose respect for him? The greatest running back of all time? THe greatest football player of all time? 5.2 ypc in an era when running thae ball was much harder than it is today? 5.2 ypc LIFETIME?


Brown's life experience is much different than any of ours. He lived through horrible times, took the pain and rose above all of it. While my value system finds some of what he says off-putting, from knowing what I do about the man and the many he has helped and touched, I find it sad that anyone could lose respect for him.


You know how it goes, who wants to cast the first stone? Perhaps what makes us most uncomfortable about Browns racism opinions is that down deep we know a part of it is valid?


We fans elevate these men to the status of gods, and then become disappointed to find out they were only men all along.


It may be that Brown is such a dynamic individual that the mere aura he has might be distracting to a team? Perhaps his persona causes jealousy? Maybe his style is just not conducive to helping the team? Who knows?


I disagree with some of Brown's words, and agree with others. I disapprove of some of his past actions. But lose respect for him? Absurd.


He is a mortal man who accomplished unbelievable things. He is the greatest Cleveland Brown of all. Pardon me if I give him every ounce of respect I can.


You can't take away the fact that Brown is one of the greatest football players of all time and you can't forget all that he has done for this organization, but I lost respect for him as a person for how he acted. Sometimes things don't always workout the way you might want them to and you can't blame other people or race for it every time something happens.

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I am not aware of how he was treated while with the Browns so I can't speak for him but pulling the race card out all the time is just crazy. If it were warranted then I would agree but he has to have a good reason if he thinks it was a race issue, but honestly, I don't believe that it was a race issue. Why would you be discriminating against the all time greatest running back in NFL history? I don't buy it.

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