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Jerel jernigan


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Well hello this is my first post soooo sorry if it sucks but any way last night was the first time I really got to watch this guy other than on scouting or highlight videos and i really liked him he is a projected 2-3 rounder I think if we are to address WR in the draft we should probably do it higher but say he does fall to the third round what would you think about picking him up i know he really isn't a number one receiver or anything but he is a OW his stats are pretty interesting 800 yards receiving 400 rushing and 600 returning something like a Reggie bush or percy harvin i guess i think he could be a play maker something that everyone is preaching that we need even myself i think he would be a real good boost in in the slot position somehow working into the running game and maybe even working in the flash package with Cribbs.

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