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Browns annual Steeler Bowl approaching!


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it's almost that time again, put the tree up, do the shopping, hear the Christmas music, and wait for the last game of the season to play what has turned out to be the Steeler Bowl...where the Browns have nothin else to play for but the hope of dashing a playoff scenerio for the Steelers. Year after year the annual BIG game approaches where usually a 4 or 5 win team (the Browns) takes on the usual 11 or 12 win team. It turns out to be usually the same result, (outside of last year) where the Steelers move on to greener playoff pastures and the Browns get kicked to the NFL curb again. Time after time and year after year...it's the same thing, the Browns season is made with this game. (Very SAD). AFter a reason to give this team some credit in some mid-season promis...they don't seem to handle prosperity and sh*t the bed with losses to Buffalo and the Bungholes. Yes, possibly another coach to line up for next year, some promise at the QB position as well as the RB position (P Hill), but what this team needs to cpmpete with the big guns in the NFL is beyond me anymore. Is it Defense? Is it Offense? Is it coaching?, Special Teams? A new Statium, New uniforms?...GOD only know...but I do know one thing, we are (2) weeks away from what should be an entertaining game in Cleelin, and maybe beat the Steelers and screw up their plans, and another good year will be had because of it.

It's a scenario that's getting very old and tired...


Back to the drawing board in 2012...with another 5 win season and a chance to play in the Steeler Bowl again on the last week of the season..yippee!!! :angry:


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Both of the 2 remaining games may mean something for the ratbirds and the stoolers, which means both teams will be playing the browns to win instead of trying to make mangini look good so he would be kept around to beat on for years to come...


We will lose both these games handily and mangenius will be exposed as the failsauce he is, lets just hope colt dont get slaughtered out there this kid will be devastating under a real coach and coordinator....

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How's LeBron working out for you in NY gmp?



Just dandy!!


Amar'e Stoudemire

New York

Position: Forward-Center

Height: 6-10 Weight: 240

High School: Cypress Creek (FL)

Player file | Team stats


2010-11 Statistics

PPG 26.5

RPG 9.4

APG 2.4

SPG 1.0

BPG 2.1

FG% 0.528

FT% 0.784

3P% 0.600

MPG 37.8





LeBron James


Position: Forward

Height: 6-8 Weight: 250

High School: St. Vincent-St. Mary HS (OH)

Player file | Team stats


2010-11 Statistics

PPG 24.5

RPG 6.4

APG 7.2

SPG 1.4

BPG 0.5

FG% 0.470

FT% 0.764

3P% 0.340

MPG 37.2



Only gonna get better when MELO comes to town..


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Protecting Colt these next 2 weeks should be priority number 1.


Baltimore and Pittsburgh wont be laying down like teams did last year allowing for the so called "end of the year run" saving EM.


The teams last year did not give up.. That is total BS.. The steelers needed to beat us to make the playoffs. Kansas City and Oakland were teams just like us, they were playing hard at the end of the season despite already being eliminated. And lastly, Jacksonville was not eliminated from the postseason last year until after we beat them. So you theory is offical bullshit...


I don't care if people want Mangini to stay or not, but don't twist the facts to act like the players are against him and that Mangini has made our team worse. We are clearly better than last year and I would hate to see some other coach come in next year and take all the credit for what Mangini has put together over the past 2 years.


One more good draft, another year for Mangini. Holmgren will make his own decision just like he did last year. Screw the media...

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