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Super Bowl Odds


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Atlanta Falcons 11/2


Baltimore Ravens 12/1


Chicago Bears 16/1


Green Bay Packers 25/1


Indianapolis Colts 18/1


Jacksonville Jaguars 100/1


Kansas City Chiefs 40/1


New England Patriots 5/2


New Orleans Saints 12/1


New York Giants 25/1


New York Jets 18/1


Oakland Raiders 200/1


Philadelphia Eagles 6/1


Pittsburgh Steelers 15/2


San Diego Chargers 14/1


San Francisco 49ers 100/1


Seattle Seahawks 200/1


St.Louis Rams 125/1


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 250/1



I think the best value on the board is NYG @ 25-1 and KC @ 40-1


Worst value would be Pitt @ 15-2 and NE @ 5-2 (attention Pitt homers: before you get your panties in a bunch, this isn't a knock on the Steelers just that I think that 15-2 doesn't represent value for them)

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