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The Obama Commercial

Guest Aloysius

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He is a Hollywood Script, without a teleprompter he cant pull it off.


The Biggest Thing is He Openly LIED! Obama started out with saying we will TAX those Making over $300,000. then it was $250,000. Now it is $200,000. per year.


And to make it clear to the Barrack pole slobberers! Obama Voted to Raise Taxes on those who Make over $42,000 a year..... :lol:icon_lol.gificon_evil.gificon_lol.gif


What a Buffoon, him and Oprah can take a hike. there finished.

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he dosn't represent America, so how can he be on my side?


Obama is the citizen of the world, Obama will fold under Global Pressure, he has voted 94 times to increase Taxes! Oh yeah! deny it but its True!


why the Fook would i want to work any harder to make more money when this crazy Socialist will take it away and give it to the lazy Man!


If Obama Wins You will see a Huge sell off between Now and Inaguration on Wall St.

Obama and the Dems will be crying to Freeze those selling off there Pension plans. You are going to ssee Foreign Investors pulling Out!


Obama wants judges to do the redistribution of wealth, WTF?


But that is A okay Socialist world, they love sticking it to the achievers in life so the Lazy Asses can get a Free Ride.


Fook, Obama Dosn't even take care of his own Fanily, why would you think that he will take care of the poor here in america, I bet the New Welfar deal will be sending Money to His Mass Murderer Cousin Mr. Odingo in Kenya.


U can Go Slobber the Obama Pole, and I will Ignore your Idiocracy.

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Love the poster.


He did indeed crush it. I can't imagine being in a country where we have a choice between this amazing, transcendent, once in a generation leader...


And yet choose McCain? Not even the good one, but the one who uses stupid air quotes and talks like a baby?


Sha, right.


Shep, how can you make statements such as "once in a generation leader...."? What has Obama done so far? What makes him once in a generation? Because he can make an infomercial? Do you write for the U.S. Government in psychological operations per chance? icon_lol.gif

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...My twelve year old was cheering..."


My 13 yr-old the same. This is the guy for the job. He was good on The Daily Show as well last night.


Are you real people? Or just made up clones from some Disney World manufacturer?


My daughter asks me every morning on the way to school "who is winning Florida?" because we're talking about the process. It's a good thing.


I've been to Disney twice. Didn't like it. My kids like Cedar Point.

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Here's a pretty good critique of the spot by that notorious Left-leaning rag Adweek.


But the genius of the O-mercial was that it was able to tap into a contemporary feeling that's very difficult to convey: Morning-After-the-Morning-Again-in-America. That's a tough place to be without making it depressing, but the 30-minute docu-reality-talk show fluidly covered all the bases (especially in the battle ground states) and hit just the right tones.
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What's Steve's little yellow head laughing at?




I guess he lives in a world where Obama on the Daily Show is funny?


Uh...... Stewart's what, like, uh a comedian or something????


I don't know. I typed that and it still doesn't make sense.


Like that's a big surprise.


(I miss that punpkin)



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