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We know Caroline Kennedy's name, but not her views on the issues

Mr. T

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We know Caroline Kennedy's name, but not her views on the issues




Wednesday, December 17th 2008, 9:26 PM



Caroline Kennedy



She's nice, smart and has a golden political pedigree, but where does Caroline Kennedy stand on the auto bailout, immigration, Wall Street regulation and other sticky issues?


The answer, many New Yorkers are quickly realizing, is "No one knows." And there's no guarantee they will before Gov. Paterson bequeaths Hillary Clinton's Senate seat upon her, as he seems inclined to do.


"You will find out where she stands when she runs in 2010," said former Mayor Ed Koch, a supporter. "She's a liberal with sanity, which is what I look for in any candidate."


All that's really known is that Kennedy is a fierce advocate for public education, having raised millions for city public schools.


She is also solidly pro-choice, according to Kelli Conlin of NARAL Pro-Choice New York, an organization Kennedy has supported for years.


Beyond that, her views are cloaked in the same privacy as her personal life.


The blankness of Kennedy's political slate has stirred charges that she somehow feels entitled to the office.


Quipped one liberal blogger, "It seems Caroline Kennedy has decided she'd rather have a U.S. Senate seat than a pony for Christmas."


To which, her friends say, relax.


"I think she would be very much in the model of Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy," Conlin said. "And I think it would be shocking to everyone if she diverged from that."



Would Caroline Kennedy make a good replacement for Hillary Clinton in the Senate?


She sounds like your normal Lefty to me. :)



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Sarah Palin: Chief Executive of a Town and a State.


Caroline Schlossberg: Daddy was assassinated.



Only a blind man couldn't see that Schlossberg is a nincompoop.





And the liberal press will cover for Caroline - she could have 17 pregnant daughters

and that information would be sealed in an envelope in Hawaii or Massachusetts -

we'd never know about it...

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