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Triv just was on WTAM about an hour ago and said through his sources that it sounds like Phillip is gone.


There is supposed to be a major press conference tomorrow and Triv is actually going to work even though he originally was scheduled off.


I wonder if they are totally getting rid of him without even offering a reduced role? Could be he won't accept a reduced role.


Either way, Lerner appears to be serious about this. RAC 'n ROLLS is already gone. Today will be the last day he waddles onto a field wearing Browns gear.


I think Savage is a pretty talented guy and flat out firing him seems a little much, but if he refuses to accept a lesser role that's what he gets.

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If it is the Whole Shebang (Cowher and Pioli), we can't diss Lerner. He's doing what he can to put a winner out there. I'd be happy with Savage in charge of the Scouting dept, etc. but with a real GM or a Cowher kind of guy. But I think Savages ego won't allow him to take a step down, or Lerner may be feeling he's backed the wrong horse once to many times and better to start fresh.


Whoever the new head coach is, may have influenced Lerner.


It's going to be interesting. Especially with all the rumors that will be starting today.



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Agreed, Diesel.


Lerner is seen as a huge plus for the franchise around the league, not a minus. He doesn't force his will on the "football people," he pays staff and puts out money for free agents, and he believes in operating in world-class facilities. Plus, he's said to be a very, VERY likable guy who could sell ice to Eskimos, as they say.


This team has been poorly coached, plain and simple. We brought in some pretty damn serious players through the draft and free agency, built a offensive line from scratch, committed to the wrong quarterback based mostly on four or five performances against horrid defenses, and did less with our talent than any team in the league on defense.


Last August, observers around the NFL said Savage had assembled as much talent as any team in the NFL. How the staff and that talent performs doesn't allow for a complete 180 on that. Anderson had already been exposed, so he could only be exposed more. Losing Tucker and getting a bad year of historic proportions from Braylon Edwards clearly hurt. The lack of depth at WR and the stubborn refusal to find touches for Harrison hurt just as much. Chud's "pass deep to open running lanes" theory got crushed when, well... they took away the deep ball. Suddenly Lewis was also exposed as a guy who needed big, fat holes to get up to speed.


And that was pretty much that.


Good job Shep, we should save this post.


This sums things up quickly and astutely, nothing much more to add. Maybe throw in the Stallworth fiasco to go along with Edwards' epic falloff.


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Can one of you answer a question?


If the Patriots go to the playoffs, can Pioli announce he's leaving? Or do they have to wait 'til January?


Sorry if this is a stupid question...but one of the articles seemed to allude to that...


I don't think a team can officially contact another coach until his team is finished with the season including the playoffs.

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I hope Sewage doesn't let the door hit him is the ass on his way out.


Peter Principle personified. Remember how he waited, waited and waited for Crennel. Crennel was HIS man.


Lousy predictor of talent both from the coaching standpoint and with player selection.


Let's add up the W-Ls under his control and the expectations involved.


Good riddance!

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