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Mad Men

Westside Steve

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Any Shield or Sons of Anarchy fans? WSS


I used to enjoy The Shield but, for some reason, I've drifted away the past couple of years.


Because my son convinced me to start watching with him, I enjoy House and any old Law and Order featuring Jack M. as Assistant District Attorney.


Oh yea, I still have a soft spot for anything with Heather Locklear.

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Guest Aloysius

I'm also a House fan. Not sure I like the direction they're taking the show, but it's still a pretty entertaining ride.


Anyone watch Dexter? I've read that John McCain's a big fan.

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(It's on Tivo and I'm only 4 eps in. GREAT show, though. Amazing.)


shep, you need to get out of this thread now, because you don't want this spoiled...


That was a hell of a season finale.




Yes, it was. Just a great show. A blueprint for how all season finales should be.


J"I don'[t have a contract."






I like to call these West Wing Moments. Aaron Sorkin was GREAT at writing these lines, when the argument is UNIVERSALLY won with a simple, incontrovertible statement by the winner.


Draper's above statement to Duck was one such moment.

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Who dies Steve: Shane or Vic?


Not even a guess....

(but I will guess Vic in a sacrifice.)

I record 'em so I'm not as far to the end yet!


BTW I know it's gay but where's Luthor??

And does Clark get the suit NEXT season?





Sorry I have been super busy. I'm going with Ronnie and Shane die...Vic comes out on top.

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