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Things Rex Ryan can do in the off season


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Now that the stressful work of being a head football coach in the NFL is over for a few months, here's some things Rex Ryan can do to enjoy the offseason.



He can celebrate not putting his foot in his mouth by trash talking the Steelers.


Now he can put his feet up and rest.


He can wiggle his toes and relax.


He can enjoy some foot-long hot dogs.


He can get out the foot massager and rub away that stress.


He can be in step with his personal life.


He can go toe to toe with his wife playing Scrabble.


He can get a toe hold on his personal life.


He can be on his toes for new opportunities.


He won't have to toe the line with the press for a few months.


He can reviatlize himself from head to toe.


He can put his football problems under foot.


He can avoid getting cold feet from being nervous before press conferences.


He won't have to drag his feet while he contemplates game strategy.


He can ensure the team gets off on the right foot in 2011.


He can sign all of his players for next season and not get off on the wrong foot.


He can work on his moves so he isn't dancing with two left feet.


He can build a man cave since doesn't have to live on a shoestring budget.


Moving forward, all he has to do is put one foot in front of the other.


He has money, he can hire someone to wait on him hand and foot.


He can quit thinking about close games where he is hanging on by his toenails.


A step in the wrong direction can be avoided if he develops a personal finance plan.


A step in the right direction would be for him to lose more weight.


When it comes to Superbowls, the shoe is on the other foot.


He can feel good about the season and stand proudly on his own two feet.


He doesn't have to worry that the owner is going to hold his feet to the fire for a game next week.


At least for the AFC championship game, he didn't shoot himself in the foot by making some wild prediction.


He has to forget the loss and get back on his feet.


One step at a time, that is how Rex moves forward from here.


He doesn't have to tip toe around the house when he comes home late from game planning.


He can work on his fancy footwork.


He can hot foot it over to Pizza Hut.


He can contemplate better ways to think on his feet.


He can be footloose and fancy free for a few months.


He can take a walk on the wild side.


He may be able to get a foot in the door of his neighbor's wife.


He can sweep his wife off her feet with a new diamond ring.


He can get his feet wet learning yoga.


He can work on personal hygiene and eliminate all toe jam.

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yeah he likes feet. but i heard shurmer likes cock. i'd take the ryan brothers as coaches on my team any day compared to the shit we're moving in here.


LOL! Only time can and will tell. Meanwhile we get to watch a repeat of Groundhogs day with the stoolers in the SB. Kinda like watching the Yankees in the WS.


They both suck.

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Don you think you should see the on field product before you make such negative assumptions?


i'm joking about shurmer. seriously you know that's not for real. i do like both the ryan brothers and the attitude they bring to football and winning.


you are correct with waiting to see on field production. i hope and pray that holmgren knows what he's doing. just a not a lot of splash with these hires. maybe that's a good thing.


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