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Tonite's game shown the epitome of what it is to be a Cleveland fan


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Win, lose or draw, we support our teams. I was a Cavs fan before LeBron, and I'm still a Cavs fan now that he's gone.


The energy down at the Q was electric! It looked and sounded like the playoffs.


The Cavs were put in a bad position due to LeBron's selfish actions. They had to put a rag tag team together and were hit with massive injuries this season. They've looked bad in some games and down right embarassing in others. But yet and still, we support our team faithfully and cheered them on tonite as if they were in the playoffs.


Yes, we Cleveland fans are the essence of loyalty. No one can understand the depths of our loyalty and love of our teams. While other people around the country are probably straining their brains to come up with some "witty" joke about the Cavs breaking their losing streak, Cleveland fans are happy for a win and hopeful for the future.


No one knows what the future will or can bring for the Cavs, but real fans are there for the day that good fortune comes to an arena, stadium or ballpark near them.


GO CAVS, GO CLEVELAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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