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The Kings Speech Review

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The Kings Speech


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There’s something about English films.

Maybe it’s that, unlike the Jersey Shore cast, everything sounds smarter when recited with a British accent.

After garnering a record number of Academy nominations I decided to abandon THE GREEN HORNET for this one.

There’s almost always a Brit period piece in the Oscar running and this one bears some resemblance to them all.

First the production is almost always somewhat lackluster when compared to the glitz and flash of the US counterparts. It’s like a two-track blues record from Georgia compared to the big Nashville sound.

You’ll usually find more dialogue than explosions too.

A little known fact for those who aren’t Anglophiles is that WW2s king George VI (Colin Firth) grew up the victim of an overbearing father a playboy of an older brother and a neglected childhood. All of these things are made much worse by his nagging stutter.

As the world entered the information age the monarch’s voice was suddenly a matter of great concern.

This film is the story of his relationship with a speech coach, mentor and friend Dr Logue (Geoffrey Rush).

The brilliance of this film is in the camaraderie and interaction between these two men.

It’s a bit like Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed training for the big fight.

In this case the big fight is when the king must address the nation and the world as England enters the war to end all wars.

The downfall, and I’m almost ashamed to admit it, is that between those scenes THE KINGS SPEECH is a little, well dull.

Even though the acting is first class and the look is as if it were actually filmed in the 1940s it’s tough to stay focused as the story plods along.

This is one of those times when it feels like you’re taking medicine.

I’d considered pretending to love it a lot more but alas I can’t be a hypocrite.

It’s going to get awards but though I respect the work I just didn’t enjoy it.








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