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What if we trade down, or better yet trade some players for picks...


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What if we trade Edwards for a first rounder, draft crabtree AND Maualuga? We did it with Quinn and Thomas! How about a repeat, only a Pioli version. Or we could trade down, pick up another 2nd rounder and Draft Maualuga In the first and a RB and RT in the second?


Anyone else have any crazy possiblities in mind as far as trading picks/players?


I'm sure Aloysius can come up with a few crazy concoctions

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Guest Aloysius

Ha. I would, but I'm afraid it's not going to happen.


In the last ten years, a team has traded out of the top 5 only twice: Washington in the Ricky Williams trade, and the Bears when the Jets wanted Dewayne Robertson.


I doubt it'll happen again. The only thing I could envision happening is us trading down a spot or two if Michael Crabtree is still on the board, auctioning off his rights to Oakland or another team.

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