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Browns Fan Sues Nfl


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CLEVELAND -- The Browns' draft day war chest has increased by one.


They were awarded a compensatory pick in the seventh round in the NFL's ultra-complex compensatory draft system. The extra pick is No. 247.


The Browns now have eight picks in the 2011 draft -- their own in the first through sixth rounds, Denver's pick in the sixth round (by way of the Brady Quinn trade) and now the compensatory pick in the seventh round.


The Browns gave up their original pick in the seventh round to Seattle in the trade last year for quarterback Seneca Wallace.


This is only the second time the Browns have been awarded a compensatory pick, which is usually reserved for teams that suffer net losses in free agency the previous season.


But only 21 picks were assigned on this basis this year. By rules of the former bargaining agreement, however, the total number of compensatory picks each year must equal 32. So 11 additional choices were awarded at the end of the seventh round based on the first-round selection order..

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I was wondering when some fan would step up to the plate and sue the league over this exact issue. You're being forced to pay for a product? service? by May 1st, with no guarantee of delivery.


I'm contractually bound to pay for my seat- so you should be bound to provide what I'm paying for.


Actually, I don't think any games will be lost. Several owners who extorted new stadiums out of their respective cities have "specific performance" contracts written into their stadium leases- no games and the cities can sue the respective owners for not showing up to play.

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You have also agreed to indemnify and hold harmless the Browns when you signed the agreement.




I doubt this goes very far....but, stranger things have happened. You never know how the argument will be presented, or how the judge will interpret the argument.

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