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Weird Shit

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600 miles an hour? If so, then it's something friggin tiny.


You know that the helicopter that was doing the filming was probably around 1000 feet off the ground, give or take. Things that go 600 miles per hour are most likely not going to be flying lower than helicopters. And the thing looked like it was really motoring, but 600 miles an hour? JSDF has dark color schemes for its blackhawks




I wouldn't expect a camera to be able to resolve that kind of color from that distance to something moving so quickly as to anything except for a dark splotch. They can motor along at ~150 knots, so that seemed like a logical speed from that distance. The problem with judging its speed is that you have no idea of its actual direction, only of its perceived direction. Relativity is a bitch.


And I'm sorry, I don't care how good of a pilot your friend is, you don't have depth perception in the video, so he can't accurately judge how far it moved.

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