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Why I Think Robert Quinn Or Julio Jones Will Be The Pick


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Bowers' knee problems is too much of an issue, Nick Fairley has character issues, Patrick Peterson, Marcell Dareus, and AJ Green likely won't be there past Cincinnati. So that leaves Robert Quinn or Julio Jones. Defensive End Robert Quinn is projected to be a weak-side pass rusher, and in his Sophomore year, he posted 11 sacks and 52 tackles. However, Robert Quinn was suspended for his junior year. Wide Receiver Julio Jones had 1,133 yards in his Junior year. If we take Quinn, we solidify a need in defensive end and if we take Jones, we solidify a need in wide receiver, and also give Mccoy a weapon to throw to and of course, move Robiskie and Massaqoui to their natural positions, which is no. 2 and no. 3 receiver.

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