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OK gang it'd be too easy to select obviously great films from the ones available online bit for this feature I'll try to dig out some less known but potential new favorites for you.

Think of me as a hog rooting for cinematic truffles.

This issue I'm going to suggest the cult series MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000. This is an old Comedy Central project in which evil scientists have trapped an unwitting janitor in a space pod orbiting the earth.

Their plot is to torture him by forcing him to watch the worst movies they can find (TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE, ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES ETC) and monitor his brain waves.

The original specimen and show creator was Joel Hodgeson who invented a couple wisecracking robots, Tom Servo and Crow to keep him company. These three companions watch the bad flicks and make smartass remarks throughout the flick.

There are dozens of these and most are hilarious saturated with inside jokes and puns not that many will get.

“Hey you punks” “We're not Punks we're New Romantics.”

Later in the series Joel is replaced by Mike Nelson the shows head writer but it's just as good.



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