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The Confiscator-In-Chief Is At It Again

Mr. T

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The Confiscator-in-Chief is at it again -- right in time for Tax Day.


Today, President Obama proposed trillions in new taxes to bankroll the liberal Democrats' big government policies at a time when our economy is still struggling, gas prices are soaring and unemployment is still alarmingly high.


Tomorrow, he will rake in campaign cash for his re-election from three fundraising events in Chicago.


The tax hikes President Obama wants will only fuel Washington's addiction to spending rather than help curb it. More importantly, they will hurt one of the strongest engines of growth and job creation in our economy: small businesses. And they will harm middle class families by taking more money from their pockets at a time when Americans need every dime to cover their expenses.


From: Reince Priebus, RNC Chairman

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Well, since Piven came out and finally admitted that yes, she was calling for social unrest, riots, and revolution to bring about


a new socialist economic system.... and other's have too, and Obamao has radicals all over his admin -


of course he'll raise taxes and try to kill the Bush tax cuts completely. He says the Bush tax cuts are ... unpaid for expenses?


Why not just admit he has no use for our Constitution, Congress, our Supreme Court, and intends to do permanent damage to our


economy, causing a disaster that our country can't handle? We are really in big, big, bigger trouble now.


All the bad things we were saying about Obamao - are cominig true, plain out. Obamao is a liar, a socialist, a radical, and a would be Chavez.


big, really big trouble, I think. The rampant voter fraud, and total lies and misrepresentation of who Obamao is was just the start.


Think the SEIU union thugs' activities in Wisconsin... on a national scale. Worse than Greece.


Hey, they are openly calling for revolution now - they think they are so close.


Yep. Really serious big trouble, unless we can stay afloat long enough to get Reps taking over the Senate - and hopefully, getting rid


of Obamao stinky-stink.

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