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Republicans Find That 18,460 Dead Are "active" On


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yep. Only since a Republican admin is in charge of Ohio, that this was found out. Now, years of Dem gov admin ?


Nope. Just a well-kept secret, I guess. Rampant voter fraud. It's all set up for radicals to gain more power, no matter


what means are necessary. It has to be stopped now, before 2012.



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Once again, this doesn't matter for Cal, who is entirely lost. But no one is alleging any wrongdoing here. This is a common problem around the country - having dead people on your registration rolls because you don't have an efficient enough way to strike people from the list once they die. It's not a serious problem, but a problem nonetheless.


Evidence of voter fraud would involve proving that people used those names to cast fraudulent votes. That's not what this story is about. There is no evidence of that. There is no evidence of some elaborate conspiracy to use these names to commit voter fraud in the future.


This is a guy complaining that his computer systems don't work as well as they should.


"He wants to establish a more centralized state database so his office could more easily compare voter information with files kept by several state agencies, including the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and the prisons department."


Have a nice day.

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I knew you'd arrogantly chime in, Heck. I didn't SAY this article said voter fraud happened. But, if you Google it and learn something, it has happened.


Even in Ohio. You just have to quit being spoon fed by your liberal web site favorites, and the lib wonks around you at work.


Here's what I am referring to... Now, after you read it, don't you feel like a fool again?



Dead Man Walking: Ohio Votes From The Grave

Posted by Steve Schippert tweetmeme_style = "compact";tweetmeme_url = 'http://wizbangblog.com/content/2008/11/03/dead-man-walking-ohio-votes-from-the-grave.php';tweetmeme_source = 'wizbangblog';

Published: November 3, 2008 - 12:27 PM In Ohio's razor thin race, Dead Voters Submit Ballots From Beyond.


Jeremy Moore, Holmes' grandson, was stunned. "He's deceased. Deceased since 1993," Moore said.


And it doesn't appear to be a name mix-up.


Records reveal Alex Holmes Jr. -- who is still alive -- voted in the same election as his deceased father.


Cuyahoga County Elections Director Jane Platten said she'll look in to it.


"Without having full detail, I have no idea why that would have happened," Platten said.


But this isn't the first time we've uncovered dead voters. Two years ago, another 5 On Your Side investigation exposed 13,000 dead voters registered in Cuyahoga County.
More than two dozen of them cast ballots.


Back then, NewsChannel5 was told dead voters would be removed from the rolls.


Now, on the eve of an historic election -- when every vote in Cuyahoga County is considered crucial -- our NewsChannel5 investigation has once again uncovered thousands of dead voters still on the rolls, and ballots still being cast from beyond.


The exact number of dead voters is difficult to say this time because Ohio's Secretary of State issued a directive to Boards of Elections across the state to withhold dates of births in public records requests. That information is important in positively identifying dead voters.



Identifying dead voters may be quite a task.


But the solution is quite simple for ensuring a free and fair election: How about we identify the LIVE voters who show up to the polls?


It would be difficult for a vote to be cast by deceased Alex Holmes, Sr. unless he showed up with proper identification and was required to produce it.


Perhaps Mr. Holmes is, quite literally, casting an absentee ballot.


The integrity of elections is rapidly becoming a joke. And one that is as unfunny as it is destructive.


(With another tip o' the hat to Glenn Reynolds.)



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"Heck is a dummy, Heck is a dummy"


Got a little red faced thing goin on, Heck? Sorry about your liberal jaw-flappy ? "No mas" ? B)




Ballots cast in Houston using dead voters' names | Texas Watchdog In recent years, concerns about voter fraud have prompted a national movement to require photo identification at the polls. ... Instances of dead voters' names being used to cast ballots were most frequent in three elections, the November 2004 general election, the November 2006 general election and the March ... 07-13-2010...



www.texaswatchdog.org/2008/10/dead-voters-still-registe... www.texaswatchdog.org/2008/10/dead-voters-still-registered-in-harris-county/ TOPEKA Republican Kris Kobach, who has built his campaign for Secretary of State around the issue of voter fraud, raised the specter of the dead voting in Kansas. ... Each week the Sedgwick County Election Office receives between 50 and 60 names, ... "An Alfred K. Brewer voted in the 2010 primary election," Kobach said.


www.kansas.com/2010/10/29/1562791/dead-folks-voting-at-... www.kansas.com/2010/10/29/1562791/dead-folks-voting-at-least-ones.html

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Cal, you incredibly strange man.


Here's what you wrote about the story in Ohio that you posted: "Rampant voter fraud. It's all set up for radicals to gain more power, no matter what means are necessary. It has to be stopped now, before 2012."


There's no evidence of that. Googling something from somewhere else doesn't prove your point that there's a plan to commit "rampant voter fraud" in Ohio in 2012, or that "radicals" and past Democratic administrations set up a system to keep dead people on the rolls so they could cast illegal votes.


That's what you're alleging, and it's clearly false. It's not what the story you posted said. You just made that up in your head. Because you're nuts.


In the real world, you'd be the one with "jaw-flappy." But you don't live in that one.

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That isn't what I wrote about the story, Heck. It's what I wrote about the subject of dead folks remaining on the voting lists.


In of itself, that's negligence, but not fraud. I pretty much knew you'd chime in with "there isn't any proof, blah blah, blah"....


and I was all too happy to prove you wrong.


My sentiment was based on what the story was AND what I knew to actually be happening. I didn't include the latter,


to set you up for nit picking based on your assumption.


Wrongie, wrongie. Really, what makes you stranger than I... is your reluctance to admit facts that taint Obamao's actions, which more and more,


are causing his approval ratings (the ratings that you libs levied agains Bush most of the time) to continue to slide downwards to humialiting levels.


Until you admit that Obamao is a disaster as pres, you can't join us in an intelligent conservation about him.


It seems that your job is to twist words around in support of Dem stances, and to discredit Republicans and conservatives......


You are strange. I have criticized both presidents, you are unwilling to.


Obamao is still that brilliant statesman who is going to bring us all together, make us more repsected in the world, and will have the most transparent LOL admin

ever, and was going to close Gitmo, etc etc etc etc.


You want I should post his latest plummeting numbers? Or, plummeting numbers doesn't matter ONLY when it's a Dem president?


Which is it?

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Heckles loves to ignore the facts.


How about a recent history lesson.


ACORN Nailed Registering Dead People in Indiana


ACORN, Barack Obama’s own special organization has been caught in Indiana illegally registering people to vote. (“County rejects Large Number of Invalid Voter Registrations”).


Not just any people got registered though. At least one of them is dead. Just like they do in Chicago.


“Fraudulent applications are the workings of ACORN groups operating from Milwaukee and Chicago who are getting out the vote for Obama. I’m Republican, but I want everyone who should vote to vote. But I want a clean election,” Curley said at a Wednesday news conference.


Lake County elections officials acknowledged they have found problems and had to reject a large portion of the 5,000 registration forms turned in recently by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, an activist group that conducted registration drives across the county this summer.


ACORN. The organization that started in Chicago, represented and trained in the art of lender intimidation and voter registrations by a smarmy special precious lawyer and “Community Organizer” named Barack Obama.


The organization that used completely relaxed laws to get mortgages for people who could never afford to pay for their homes to the tune of crashing wall street. ACORN. The organization that Socialists masquerading as Democrats in Congress wanted to give 20% of a revenues from a Trillion Dollar bailout to. That ACORN.


Elections Board Director Sally LaSota and Ruthann Hoagland, a county elections board technologist overseeing voter registration, said Wednesday it appears some ACORN vote canvassers pulled names and addresses from telephone books and forged their signatures.


Curley said one registration form was filled out in the name and address of Jimmy John’s, a Crown Point fast-food outlet. Another registration, dated in August, is in the name of a Gary man who died Nov. 16, 2007, according to his death certificate.


Hoagland said large numbers of voter registration forms bore signatures all in the same apparent handwriting style.


Nothing new for ACORN. They are under suspicion in a number of states for the same problem at this very moment. They declare themselves as Non Partisan, which makes the “Let’s Take Over The World“ and love on Obama video seem rather odd, doesn’t it?


ACORN is very busy though. They are always very busy when the press tries to reach them.


An ACORN spokesperson couldn’t be reached Wednesday for comment.


Like all criminal organizations, their phones are disconnected as they move on to their next voter fraud state targets.


Telephones to ACORN offices in Gary, Indianapolis, Chicago and Milwaukee were reported to be disconnected.


Note: Gary Indiana is the city with the Mayor who held up primary results till midnight while he said he intended to to count absentee ballots first, which is unheard of. This scam continued through the evening until other surrounding mayors called bullsh*t on him and forced him to release the results. Hillary Clinton’s lead there was suddenly cut drastically that night. A few more hours and that lead might have been gone completely if the mayor was busy counting ACORN’s voters.

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There is no spittle online, Heck, unless it's your own.


T just set up on a bar stool, then kicked it out from under you.


You can't even get your booty-kickeds straight, it happens so often.


Too bad. Discover any of ObaMao's failures yet?


Or you are still playing hide and seek with reality?

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So when your initial post about a Democratic conspiracy to use dead voters to commit "Rampant voter fraud" and is "all set up for radicals to gain more power, no matter what means are necessary" didn't work, so now it's about whether or not I agree with your opinion of Obama.


Well, I don't, Cal. No, I don't. I would wager that very few people do, since very few people are as patently ridiculous.

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Yes, I deliberately left out WHY I elaborated about the fraud. I just knew you'd say "hey, Cal, haha, there isn't any proof of fraud here, you fool, haha"...


then I'd post the second part. Yes, that was fun !


But as to my opinion of Obamao, sure... your opinion of him is... apparently, the same as Shep's was, which probably has changed now.


My question is, why haven't you changed your opinion about him, given that he's broken promises right and left, TO the right and left, he's expanded


our national debt far, far past what Bush did - even the S&P is downgrading us into "negative"... which threatens our AAA rating.... etc etc....


Obamao has sold us out as a capistalist republic. He's launched billions and trillions into the red, now he's saying he just has to raise taxes and


spread the wealth..... he is dividing our country into vicious camps, Heck. You can't deny that. In fact, denying everything bad about Obamao, is the ONLY way


you can seriously keep supporting him like you did in the past. It's in the present, Heck. And your present president is failing all of us. "How's that uplifting, bringing us all together -hope and change thing workin out for ya, Heck " ??? You haven't talked seriously about Obamao once, I don't think. Too bad. You seem to be capable of honest discussion.

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