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What The Sily Draft Looks Like Now For 3 Rounds


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1st Round J.J. Watt or Cameron Jordan, DE. Take yer pick.


I don't see the Browns being able to pass up one of these two anchors on the defensive line.

If the Browns did trade down, it had better only be a few spots, or both of these guys will be gone, too.

They can get another second or third tier dlineman later... but with the six pix,

the Browns MUST have a run stopping, qb gittin giant on their line for a mega pass rush

in this division. I don't see them trading down, either, unless they see Cameron Heyward

as a great fit, and not second tier for their defense. Yeah, they pass up A.J. Green and Jones. but they MUST get a pass rush going. Stay tuned.

If it's a bigger drop in a trade, it's Heyward, and the Browns will have a second third round draft pick, would would be huge...


2nd Round Randall Cobb


Why? Because I see him as a Hines Ward kind of receiver, who has the speed, the burst and the football intel

to get open quickly, and be a major threat to take it for a score. All this talk of a "#1" wr makes me cringe. Wailin Braylon was a

#1, and jimmy crack corn and I don't care. Cobb isn't a possession receiver. That's Dan Sanzenbacher.

Some mocks have the squeelers picking him at the end of the second round. That would suck royally.


3. Marcus Gilbert, who I hope wasn't nabbed earlier in the second round by the squeelers, or the dirty stupid stinkin ratbirds.


No cb, one can be gotten later, and groomed. so can a lb. But there isn't a ORT that I like later, and

this kid will anchor the RT spot for the Browns for years to come, and can also play OG.

Unless there is some small school guy to be picked that nobody else knows about @@... this is the pick.


if D.J. Williams is around in the fifth round, I'd nab him - as an Hback, possession TE, fullback, special teams killer.

. 4th round lb's are plentiful. But I can only figure out the first three picks, and each one of those is probably wrong. GGG

As much as Mathews is a fan favorite, we should have drafted a Mathews the last time. The fourth round is probably

a cb, whoever he might be, probly' one of those from a smaller school, off the first and second round radar.

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a pass rush isn't gonna matter much against a 3 step drop with brown or wright in the secondary. probly not even a 5 step drop.


i agree fundamentally, as its a chicken or the egg argument. 4th round CB isn't doing much tho.

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I like both the 1st and second round picks, but kind of lose my interest after the second round.


I have to be honest, I am a game day kind of a fan and don't do a lot of the draft and FA research that some of you guys do. I have always loved this group mainly because teh casual observer can pick up a lot.


Overall the part that frustrates me is how a team like the Steelers can have so much talent, and year after year our Brownies don't seem to get to the next level. It's like we can get to mediocrity, but then the next year we don't go mediocrity +1, ya know?


What is it going to take for us to become a solid 9 - 7, 10 - 6 team? And then what will it take to get to teh next level?


I have always been frustrated to see solid veterans scooped up and the Browns never even being in the hunt. Excuses always flow like " he doesn't fit our system". And I hate to be a smart ass, but jeez, what system does a perennial 5 - 11 team have that needs protected?


I see us needing a lot of key players, especially DL, CB, WR and RB. Is it possible for us to add 4 irrefutable difference makers this year? I think that's what we need to get to the next level.


How do we do that? Or do you think teh draft alone will get us where we want to go?


Ghoolie is supportive, but still a bit bitchy over the lack of wins.


The worst reason I've ever heard people say about why not to sign a good FA is 'bad attitude'. Confidence always rubs people the wrong way, but is essential to winning. Unwarranted confidence does suck (Braylon), but the best players always have a lot. Over the years this team has lacked confident players and has suffered greatly from it. We need more goons. As big an asshole James Harrison, Joey Porter, Ben the Rat, Hines Ward, etc have been at times they breed success. Hope we land the biggest asshole we can find this year. Before you know the Stoolers might hate our goons for kicking their ass every year like we hate theirs.

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Good players are everywhere to be found, but when it comes to getting the most out of your players you have to know how one will deal with competition for a starting job. As a rookie or a veteran FA coming in you hope the guy is a competitor and will excel when being challenged for his job. We have seen to many times guys who fall apart when this happens. Just look at the Quinn and DA competition, both proved to be front runner type of guys and when challenged they went into a shell and took the team to hell.


I hope we can find those guys who love to compete.

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It's all about getting good players who LOVE the game, and don't have off the field issues, and can stay on the field.

Sure, they have to be talented. But the Browns have had dimwits like Savage etc, who drafted based on talent alone, for

a simplistic system that wasn't really in place. so, what happens is, some players couldn't care less, older vets quickly lost any

interest at all - they had $$$$, they wanted to leave the earlier Browns and win.


Some love the $$$, but they couldn't really care less about the team, winning, or the fans, or the city. It's about them and their $$$.

It's the players who love the game, have the character to really compete, who have good work ethic and character, to AT LEAST,

avoid off the field problems, and avoid hurting the team in the locker room and on the field.


It's been very serious ignorance on earlier Browns' staffs, for bad drafts.


No ignorance now, none last year. Last year's draft was terrific, You consider all factors, and you be consistent in the type of players you pick, then you look at how they will fit into your ... established, good system. You bring some guys like Hillis, who are all that, Drafting a guy like Joe Thomas.... etc.

who maybe didn't fit the system they used to be in, but WILL fit into your system. Character, butt kickin love for playing football... and there ya go.


I had fun trying to do this with the three players I picked. We'll see. Only NINE days til the draft... "sigh"

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No to Cam Jordan and JJ Watt at 6, your talking mid round 1 picks at the 6 Overall pick...Its way to much of a reach


If Peterson and Green are both off the board and Gabbert is there believe that the Browns will trade back to who ever wants him the most Minnesota,Tennessee etc..


Then we could get Jordan or Watt, if we stay put they'll take Quinn over them...


And everyone now has the Browns taking Jones, hes not nearly as good as AJ Green and he dosent play as fast as he runs and has problem with seperation, also questionable hands....This is the guy people want at 6 get outta here with that

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No to Cam Jordan and JJ Watt at 6, your talking mid round 1 picks at the 6 Overall pick. Nw220


I know what you mean, but even my draft mag has the Browns taking Fairley - hell, we'd be far better off taking Watt or Jordan.


And, they have Jordan going to the Niners at 7, and Watt going to the Cowboys at 9.


Problem is, if the Browns back back with Houston because they want Peterson or something....


if both Watt and Jordan are gone... your DE pick is going to be somebody you don't want, unless Bowers falls that far...


and this mag has Bowers going to Carolina first overall. They don't even pick Quinn to be drafted in the first round at all !


According to this particular mag, of the DE's, it's Bowers #1, Jordan two, Aldon Smith (forget him - he's a 3-4 lb type), J.J. Watt 4th,


and Quinn is all the way down to being rated 9th of the DE's. Quinn is actually rated 3 spots later than Kerrigan is, and Kerrigan is


also OLB material.


If you want a top DE, it ends after Watt and Jordan are gone. I'm really starting to like Cobb over Julio Jones now, given that they can get Cobb in the second round.


It's crazy.

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You know what im gonna have to agree with you i like Randall Cobb over Julio Jones...Not saying i would pick him at 6 over Juliio but given there draft poistion and certain outcome id rather take Cobb...Hes verstaile and can do alot, Jones is overrated and his combine is what hes best at showing his off the feild wows on the feild he lacks seperation dosent play with his top end speed and has questionable hands YAY thats who everyone has us drafting...Nope id pass on him, id rather reach for Cam Jordan at 6 or just take Robert Quinn

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I'm actually not worried about draft Jones (as in I don't think we will draft him period). Heckert and Holmgren are too smart to just go off the combine and pro day workouts. They are watching the game film, seeing if a guy can play or not. If it wasn't for game film and they went off workouts, then Haden, Ward, and McCoy wouldn't be in Cleveland right now, we would have Taylor Mays, Matt Moore, and some other dude in round 3.

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