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Here's this weeks internet selection.

So we all remember SILENCE OF THE LAMBS right?

Huge hit, based on a character, Dr. Hannibal “the cannibal” Lecter. who's become part of American mythology. Anthony Hopkins played the baddest good guy in recent filmdom.

I remember a friend commenting on a previous Thomas Harris book that was the introduction of the dastardly doctor called Red Dragon.

The book, a setup, actually,| to SILENCE was adapted to film under the name in the 80s but drew little attention. The sequel, with Hopkins HANNIBAL, wasn't up to par and the 2002 remake of the first novel RED DRAGON suffered from low sales thanks to sequel-itis as I see it.

With an all star cast featuring Hopkins, Edward Norton, Harvey Keitel, Ralph Feinnes and Mary-Louise Parker this one is a solid version of the book that kicked it all off.

If you saw MANHUNTER I'll bet you like this one a whole lot more.



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