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Consensus Mock Drafts

The Gipper

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I have done some research on 30 various Mock drafts...including the most popular like the ESPN guys, Sporting News, SI, Fox, CBS etc. and here are the results from those 30 mocks on who the Browns would pick:


Robert Quinn 8

AJ Green 7

Julio Jones 6

Patrick Peterson 4

Nick Fairly 3

Da'quon Bowers 2


Naturally, you have to account for the fact that in many mocks many had other teams picking players before the Browns can get their hands on them. Notice none named Marcel Dareus because it is unanimously believed he won't last til #6. Most also had Fairly going earlier. Green as well. Quinn may have gotten the most votes simply because more people believed he would still be available at #6 where Green, Fairly, Peterson, etc. wouldn't be. Note that none of them had them taking any of the QBs.

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Thanks for the research Gip,i think it would be a dream Scernario to have both Green and Peterson on the board when we pick..


Ive seen alot of Mock Drafts as well and i cant get the Julio Jones pick i mean hes not nearly as talented as Green and to me would be a reach at #6,


Julio Jones=Braylon Edwards very similar in the way they play

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Andre Johnson also had drops during his college career and is a stud in the nfl..

So your argument that Julio Jones=Braylon Edwards is wrong..dead wrong


Jones doesn't have diva-ish behavior that Braylon had.


I agree totally that Jones does not fit into the Diva type, but that dosent neglect his on the field issues...Questionable hands,not a great route runner, and has trouble getting sepreation..Those are big issues and just becasue hes a physical stud dosent warrant him to be the #6 overall pick...Hes not on the same level as Green

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What about Quinn? Does anyone have love for Quinn? The last Quinn we drafted didn't work out so well. What about this one? He got the most votes in these mocks.

Better question: does anyone think that Heckert has love for Quinn?


I believe he makes the most sense if Green and Peterson is gone, he fills the biggest need and hes arguably the highest graded player at his position...He fits are scheme better than Bowers...4-3 small quick ends

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