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Power Struggle?


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Ok, so I think the favorite trip right now is Pioli GM, Shanahan HC, Mangini DC with Pioli and Mangini already having interviews and its too soon to tell if Shanahan is interested. Now this isn't everyones favorite, but I think its most. Now, all three are very power hungry, so would this cause a power struggle or could they co-exist.


BTW, if this were to happen, what does everyone think on OC? Schottenheimer (Brian)? Chud? Hue Jackson? McDaniels? (if his relationship is closer to Pioli than BB)

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Guest Aloysius

Yeah, I think Shanahan being available could seriously complicate things.


First, it creates another GM opening that Pioli may be interested in. Mike Florio thinks that the Broncos will pursue Pioli, partly to avoid him landing with an AFC West rival (the Chiefs).


Also, John Taylor at the OBR has heard that Lerner has long thought of Shanahan as being the guy he'd want to bring in if he ever had to make another HC hire. If that's true, then Lerner could be push hard to bring him in, irrespective of Pioli's thoughts about Teflon.


And considering how Pioli's major concern about taking the Browns GM job is whether he'll have full control, this popping up right now could end up being a deal-breaker.


You can almost imagine how this could have played out: Pioli is working on some end of season GM work tonight when the phone rings. On the other end is an obviously excited Randy Lerner, who wants to know what Scott thinks of Shanahan.


Pioli feels pressured to give Lerner the answer he wants, but he instead tells the truth: that he doesn't have any prior experience with Shanahan, but he doesn't think he'd be a good option. Shanahan has a reputation for being difficult to work with, Pioli tells him, then explains how Shanny doesn't fit into his plan for building a competitive franchise.


The always urbane owner politely thanks Pioli for his advice & hangs up the phone, but both men are left disappointed: Lerner for having his dream HC scenario dismissed, and Pioli for feeling that Lerner was coming to him for a rubber stamp, not a decision.


And that Denver job looks reasonably attractive, so Pioli decides to give it a look...

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