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Browns mistakenly called wrong player during NFL draft

By Chris Chase

With the 102nd pick in last weekend's NFL draft, the Cleveland Browns selected USC tight end Jordan Cameron(notes) (at right). When the team attempted to call their newest draftee, they instead rang the number of Cal defensive end Cameron Jordan(notes) (at left) who had already been drafted in the first round by the New Orleans Saints.


Cameron Jordan was touring the Saints practice facility when he got the call on Saturday. Later, he explained the mix-up to SI.com's Peter King:


"Hi,'' said the voice on the other end. "Jordan? This is the Cleveland Browns ...'' The call was for some biographical information.


"Uh, yeah, this is Cameron Jordan,'' he said. "But the Saints already picked me.''


There was an awkward pause, and Cameron Jordan said: "I think you mean Jordan Cameron, you're looking for Jordan Cameron. That's not me.''


And somewhere, an old writer on "Three's Company" gets a new idea for a sitcom. They could call it "The Jordans."


I'd like to imagine the Browns' caller trying to cover up the mistake by stumbling over his or her words and trying to act like they were calling Cameron Jordan for another reason altogether. "Uhhh, yeah, uh, I know who this is. [Long pause] We here at the Browns just, uh, wanted to say, well, congratulations for getting drafted by the Saints. [Click.]"


Cleveland eventually got in touch with Jordan Cameron.

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Guest c-dawg

10 points for the Shakespeare reference in the topic title.


A championship...by any name... would smell SO SWEET!

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