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Way To Make Some Extra Money


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I'm always looking for ways to make extra cash, and I'm working hard to get some stuff paid off so in looking around, I came across this site. I made about $54 last month and am on pace to do even better in May.


It's called Cash Crate, and here is a description of how it works.


First, the easy stuff.


Each day you can "check in" and earn $.03, and if you check in every day during a calendar month, you will earn a $.50 bonus.


Searches - if you download and install their toolbar, you will get a $1.00 bonus for your first 20 searches, and $0.50 for each additional 25 searches you do. Only 10 searches per day count, so you can earn $0.50 every three days or so.


Videos - There is a section where you can watch videos that are available to you. Basically these are like commercials in their content and length and generally pay between $0.02 and $0.04 per video.


Offers and Surveys


Surveys generally pay between $0.50 and $0.80 and can be completed once per day per survey site. There are generally between 6 and 8 survey sites available, so you can do several per day if you have time. They generally take between 10 and 25 minutes.


Offers are tricky. Sometimes these are very easy and pay quickly and other times they don't pay at all. I tend to not rely on these as they are very finicky and don't always confirm so that you can get paid. Also you run the risk of spam and telemarketers by completing these so if you do choose to use them, use a phone number you don't check, and an email address you don't care about.




Many say that this is the heart of the Cash Crate genius. When you first sign up, you are considered "Bronze" level which means that you get 20% of the payout from anyone you refer who completes an offer and 10% of the payout for anyone that your referral refers. So there are two layers of benefit there. You also get a $3 bonus any time someone under you earns their first $10. You get $0.05 for every survey that someone under you completes, but nothing from your 2nd level referrals.


After you get to "Silver" level by referring 50 or more active users, more options become available. You now get 25% of the payout for the people under you and have the option of getting $1 for every active referral, instead of the $3 bonus. You also get more tools to help you market yourself better such as multiple links and performance reports. Also you get the option for direct deposit at this level.


There are three more levels and at each level your payout percentage increases a little.




In order to cash out each month, you need to earn $20. If you don't, the money you have earned will roll over to the following month. I have never failed to cash out and have never yet earned less than $30 in a month. Basically by doing the searches, videos, and check in's, you are guaranteed close to half of it, so a few surveys and offers here and there will make up the difference.


They also run contests periodically where you can win money or referrals by doing various things. For instance, last month you got one raffle entry for every video you watch and at the end of the month they drew 15 names to each receive an additional $10.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me, and if you are interested in giving it a try please click on the link in my sig below.

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No, that's not the point. :) I'm on the computer all day anyway so it's just one of the ways I'm adding to my bottom line. Not going to make anyone rich but it's a nice option if you are interested.

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Thanks....and I agree.



Most people are going to burn at least 40-50 gallons of gas a month.



Who here wouldn't be happier if gas was $1 less per gallon??

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