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I Suppose They Will Call Him A Racist

Mr. T

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I suppose they will call him a racist for seeing through the Obama bull crap of parading around like he actually strapped up with the Seal team and went on the mission that killed OBL.


Snubbing obama HERE


Obama is a opportunist stepping on the backs of the survivors of the victims from 911

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ObaMao's photo op at Ground Zero - is him trying to regain his popularity. He even tried to get Bush to accompany him.


Meanwhile, one of the folks who lost loved ones on 9/11, met with Obamao. She asked him if he would consider talking to Holder


to give him his opinion that those extended interrogation CIA guys should not be prosecuted.


Obamao said he will not, and abuptly turned his back to her, and walked away.


Obamao is all smoke and mirrors. Nothing is real, except his college radicalism.


What a failure he is. A real, huge disaster, that Heck won't admit for one second, on any issue.


It's a dangerous cult. What else should we expect?

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