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Obamao Finally Ignores Politics And Makes?


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from Yahoo news:


"Obama said the amount of "blood and treasure" the country has spent to avenge the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, weighed heavily in his final decision.


"I said to myself that if we have a good chance of not completely defeating, but badly disabling al-Qaida, then it was worth both the political risks as well as the risks to our men," he said."


What's sad, is that this coward was FINALLY overcoming his totally corrupt political power side, to actually do the right thing, whenever he finally decided....


but it's his SOCIALIST, heavey handed, radical domestic views that are hurting him in the polls. And gee, in the article - he says he has been sympathetic to


presidents' decisions in the past.... really?


No. He is now, though. And he is continuing the same Bush foreign policies, basically.

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