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Double Digit Inflation Has Arrived

Mr. T

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Double Digit Inflation has Arrived


And get this, inflation is already in double digits, according to Williams, if it was calculated the way BLS did it more than 30 years ago. Williams said, “. . . based on reporting of 1980, the April 2011 annual inflation rate would have been about 10.7%.” But, the double digit inflation story is not the one the mainstream media likes to tell. Instead, it usually focuses on what the government calls “core” inflation that excludes food and energy. The “core” inflation rate is .2%. Who lives in a world where the core of existence is not food and energy? A .2% core inflation rate is both preposterous and insulting to anyone living in the real world.


Source.... Read more HERE


When will we need a wagon full of cash to buy groceries. While our government continues to spen spend $pend and devalue our dollar we get to deal with higher prices abroad because the dollar isn't worth a crap anymore.


66B12E9EC86AE8FB2FAEB3_Large.jpgIs the DOW inflated as well?

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ANd, Obamao is already the "Food Stamp President" of all time. So, with inflation.... (intentional with profound nonsense deficit spending?)...


he can warn all those on food stamps, that if they don't work to re-elect him, they will starve and die if he loses.


The ultimate divider of Americans, worst by far, all time biggest hateful somebeech.

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