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Another Cass Act By Obama

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Your Tax Dollars at Work: GM Sponsors & Applauds Propaganda Movie on Creation of Chi-Comm Party | Th


No wonder Obama thinks the GM bailout was such a great success… Because of your bailout cash GM was able to sponsor a propaganda movie glorifying the creation of the Chinese Communist Party. According to an announcement posted on Shanghai GMs official web site yesterday.

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That is so outrageous, I just ...


geez, I can't wait til Obamao is defeated in 2012. This president is completely corrupt.

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I'm sure you love the way Obama and the rest of his regime love spending american tax money on commi propaganda.


Or did they just print more money?


Either way its all bull crap and there is no way you can defend the Obama regimes actions.


Unless you feel like communism is a great way of life.

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I'm not sure where you are trying to go with this Cal I just threw it out there. I know you don't care for Obama either but if you feel like being an asshole feel free. Medicineman



But if I feel like being...... ? what's wrong with my post? I thought I was agreeing with you. what? (I am tired, though...) I'm just saying what I think, based on this GM crap,


and all the other stuff going on, like all the political friends' waivers to Obamaocare, excluding a reporter from the press pool, ... because he wrote a big article


about Romney, denying disaster aid to Texas etc, because the governors are Republican, the list goes on and on. This GM thing is absurd, especially with Obamao's stupid


bailout/control over co/major union vote getting crap....

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In thar case I'm sorry. I guess I read it wrong. Yes I do understand there is worse stuff looming around Obama. But from what I can tell there is nothing good at all. The fact that GM got a bail out in the first place gets me angry along with everything else.

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No problem, the GM bailout was a big, expensive purchase of union auto worker votes.


Everything Obamao does is extremely political, which means, he couldn't care less if he screws over


those who won't be voting for him.



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What's the difference between GM getting a bailout to save millions of jobs and foreign automakers getting massive tax-breaks to create jobs?


Not much that I can see. PE


well, on the surface, they are similar, but, ...


the bailout was of taxes we already paid, and that bailout went to benefit unions, not the corp staff, because Obamao even fired the pres? was it, and


"appointed" his own guy, one who didn't know the business, to take his place.


Tax breaks to companies are not tax money we paid, and, it's the unions who are locked into the Democratic party. The corps aren't so much locked into any party.


And, it went to the U.S. Supreme Court to allow Corps to make political donations, this happened during Obamao's reign... remember in his state of the union address, where


he openly chastized the Court for deciding like he didn't want them to? As I see it, Obamao's bailout to GM gave the union tremendous power, even left-handed control of GM.


And, Obamao doesn't want corporations to be able to donate, because that would tend to dim the huge Democrat advantage in union political donations effect....


Tax breaks encourage corps to invest in R&D, and resources, which usually means jobs. Bailouts means our taxes went to a company that had the current "president"


take control over, put his own man in charge of - for the benefit of union votes.


Big difference, as I see it.

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