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Fat Mans Heart

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Hi guys.

In case you've heard rumors, WSS had the classic symptoms of a heart attack Tuesday afternoon while sitting through BRIDESMAIDS. Yeah I hear ya, how bout if I croaked during that one eh?

Anyway like most men I figured it's just go away, and it kinda did but on Wednesday I got hit by a big one and had Susie take me to Akron City Hospital.

They did the cath that day and put in two more stents.

Besides a newfound blood sugar issue it went fine as can be expected and I'm now out in the public.


Can't put off that lyfestyle change any longer I guess.

Thanks for the call Brother John, and best to alla ya.



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I'm glad to here that you are doing better, you cannot ignore those pains. When my father had his heart attack his pain came from behindhis left shoulder blade. Myself I have been having a lot of tingling and numbness in the left arm from a pinched nerve. Resulted from a collision in the infield during a ballgame. I caught the catchers collar bone right in the eyes socket. The blackeye has gone away but I heard a crack during the collision and from time to time my arm goes numb.


Maybe this will cheer you up. :D


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I can't wait to hear Steve's new song about this subject.


Glad you got treatment quickly, Steve.


Stop by for some great tomatoes. They're really good for what ails ya.


(Martino's Roma is the new and only Roma tomato we're doing this year.)

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