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Bridesmaids Review

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R 125 min



Well gang, with deadline looming I( was faced with a choice of only two current releases. The second one was PREIST, another vampire flick adapted from yet another foreign comic. Even featuring a small role for Brad Dourif, one of Americas best but unsung actors, I still took a pass.

So there's BRIDESMAIDS, an obvious chick flick. Oh well it may surprise me, says I , so I rolled the dice.

Actually as the posters reads “Chick flicks don't have to suck!” and while that's theoretically true, keep in mind that it is still only a theory.

I suppose Mike Posner records don't actually have to suck, but........

Anyway the plot itself isn't anything fresh. Like dozens of pre wedding hijinks movies our hero, Annie (Writer Kristen Wiig) has drawn the short st6raw and will act as maid of honor at buddy Lillian's (Ex SNL Maya Rudolph) wedding.

>>Fun Facts: Rudolph is the main squeeze of Paul Thiomas Anderson (Ghouldardi's kid) and daughter of the late soul singer Minnie Riperton.<<

But back to Annie. Her life sucks.

Her part time boyfriend is an A Hole, her roommates are obnoxious Mom is overbearing she's lost her business and is stuck working a crappy job.

To make it worse she's alienating the one nice guy in her life.

So with that understood she has to plan and execute all the silly things that need don't before a wedding.


Now you may have noticed this one had an R rating instead of the more teen friendly PG 13.

Now before you get excited the usual hurdles for an R are nudity violence and language. I didn't even notice the first two but there were actually a fair number of F bombs.

What we have here is a chick flick written for fans of the Farrelly Brothers. There's poor taste aplenty and enough fart puke and diarrhea jokes to keep a Boy Scout camporee laughing all night.

It's a wee bit like HALL PASS (or any other gross out guy movie) but minus the penises.

I'd have gone with a C but I actually did laugh out loud at a coupler of the poop gags.

If that kind of humor fills the bill for you it's as good as any, though at 2 hours plus it tends to drag a bit.





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