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Libs Dream Of Votes

Mr. T

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Howard Berman (D-CA) and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (D-FL) for reintroducing the Development Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act (DREAM Act). ...Link


WoW! Now we can not only give illegal workers free health care we will also get to send them to college for being Law Breakers.


DREAM Act rewards illegal immigrants for law-breaking


By Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) - 05/20/11 11:26 AM ET



It’s always heartwarming to have a self-proclaimed friend from 30 years ago write you a public letter that stoops to name-calling and misrepresentations. Maybe that says more about the “friend” than my views on illegal immigration (see Lionel Sosa’s blog recently posted in The Hill).


Mr. Sosa asserts that “amnesty is as American as apple pie.” He claims that if we grant amnesty to illegal immigrants, we will have no illegal workers. Of course, we could also let everyone in jail out and then have no criminals, too.



America is a nation that values and promotes freedom and the inherent rights of all people. However, America also is a nation that has established laws and rules to promote the common good of our society.


In other words, we are a nation that distinguishes right from wrong. Part of the role of government is to promote policies that reward those who follow the law, rather than reward lawbreakers.


Republicans believe that immigrants who want to come to the United States and pursue the American dream should do so legally. That’s why America admits more than one million legal immigrants each year, far more than any other country in the world. But there is a right way and a wrong way to come into the country. Read more here



The simple truth is the Libs need more votes in 2012 so they wont get Fired!

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The marxist, dimwit Dems in the Congress and WH... have totally alienated the Independent votes, and a lot of Dems


who voted for Obamao the first time have now noted that he isn't what he was painted as being, so a lot of those votes are gone.


The hardcore entitlement marxists types will still be there, but that won't cut it.


And, it's a good bet that he doesn't get the black vote en masse like he did before. I believe a significant but yet small? percentage


of those voters, are not pleased with what Obamao is, compared to what he was supposed to be, per the media and Sheply idolizing him.


so, the only other choice, is to enact by Exec order, the voting rights of illegals, who are completely dependent on the


gov as soon as they are given citizenship "status", at least as far as votes go.


Meanwhile, are those new voters -- all those thousands of prisoners ordered released in California?


We're in big, big trouble. The clash of "marxists" vs "American Patriots" may be a flash in the pan as far as "fads" go...


or we could be headed for a long term social strife, complete with violence/other crimes and unrest across our country..


compounded by the economic danger of collapse into hyper-inflation and despair like we've not known it, since the


tramatic depression days.

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