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Rick Perry Has Created 37% Of All New Jobs Created Since The Recession

Mr. T

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I know that we have been told the recession is over by all of those elite Libs in DC, Meanwhile everyone

of us know someone who has lost their job and is still unemployed or have taken mininum wage jobs.

But their is some hope that comes from a Man in Texas and he is not related to "W".




Rick Perry has created 37% of all new jobs created since the recession





b]The Lone Star Jobs Surge


Capital—both human and investment—is highly mobile, and it migrates all the time to the places where the opportunities are larger and the burdens are lower. Texas has no state income tax. Its regulatory conditions are contained and flexible. It is fiscally responsible and government is small. Its right-to-work law doesn't impose unions on businesses or employees. It is open to global trade and competition: Houston, San Antonio and El Paso are entrepôts for commerce, especially in the wake of the North American Free Trade Agreement


Read the whole WSJ article Here[/b]


Sounds like he has the formula that we have been talking about and it works. The government doesn't create jobs, only people can do that so we need to loosen up the straints and let us work.

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