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Tsa Plans On Pat Downs And Nazi Like Control...


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Hey, K, - Congress isn't doing this crap. It's Obamao and his czar's. His unofficial soon to be "civilian security force" ?


Think about it. It's a Democrat severely leftwing president issue. This is reality, K. And it isn't just throwing rocks in a pond....



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Actually, the TSA (Obamao's "show me your papers" brown shirts), have just announced that they will


stop molesting young children under twelve.


Obamao will be up for re-election - #1 reason.


But the TSA will still be molesting older children who have gone past puberty....


This garbage has to stop, and the sleazeballs have to be voted out of the WH.


Yes, K, - and Congress.

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Have you seen this one?


TSA denies having required a 95-year-old woman to remove diaper



Preaching to the Choir, T. I didn't appreciate being treated like a criminal a few years back when I (legitimately) bought a one-way ticket to Tampa, so I could drive my father in law's car back to Ohio for him.


The guy did have a comment that is more near and dear to my heart- and that's the inevitable collapse of the US dollar. Not even a question of "if" anymore, just a question of "when". So the Dems want to raise taxes? Whoops, read if the IRS confiscated 100% of all earned income, the budget still wouldn't be balanced.


At the rate we're borrowing money, in a few years the interest payments on the National debt will exceed the GNP- and that's big trouble. Historically, the only way out of this mess is to hyper-inflate the currency. Oh, I'm, all ears to the Paul Krugman advocates who still think we can borrow our way to prosperity.

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I can't believe the fools who are saying we need to borrow more etc....


are sincere. I prefer to think that they have an ulterior motive:


crashing our economy, so they can use that crash for their own leftist purposes.


We are in big, big trouble as a country - even if you only consider te economy, it's true....

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