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Can You Get Pulled Over For....

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My girlfriend lives in a development that is 5 minutes away from my development and on my way home from her house at 2:30 am a deputy coming towards me swung into a driveway about 500 feet in front of me, turned on his lights and backed out only to pull me over once I went past him. When I asked why he stopped me, he told me that a park down the street was just vandalized and wanted to know what I was doing on the road. Are they allowed to do that?

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several decades ago, I once was heading to ths store, only to realize I forgot my wallet back at my apt. I realized I didn't have my wallet just as I parked


in front of a 7/11, and backed up, and left.


Two cruisers had been sitting in front of a pizza place next door.... and the next thing I knew, one of them had caught up to me just as I left the


plaza parking lot, and pulled me over.


He asked why I left just as I got there, wondering if I was part of the problem at the pizza shop, and left because they were there...


I laughed and simply told him the truth. He grinned and apologized. I had told him I was cool - as soon as I went back home and got my wallet,


I'd be back to get my root beer and chips at the store. So, he said he was sorry for botherin me, and left. No big deal to me.



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