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Obamao's Unemployment Rating Goes Up To 9.2 Percent


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Also known as - "stupidass college marxists wanting to crash our America's economy so they can rebuild it into a marxist state


that is run out of their new White House - (some gay biker bar/abortion clinic/100% percent tax revenue collection agency/gay civilian security force/ObaMao's secret

KGB office)


Seriously - if the unemployment rate was 9.2 percent with a Republcian president, we'd have 4 score liberal wackoes here, 24/7, being "outraged" about it.


They are just too cowardly to admit their ulterior motives behind all their stupid crap.



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Businesses are moving slow at the present time; since april I have seen a trend of small businesses taking longer to pay than usual.


We went to Myrtle Beach over this past weekend and thought that maybe the economy was rebounding with all of the vacationers. But after walking around most of the vacationers were foreigners. Not a good sign showing that Americans have enough spare cash to take a vacation. speaking with some of the Motel/Hotel managers in the area and they say that they are only busy on weekends and that from Sun. to mon. they are slow and that has been the trend for the past 2 years.



So should we ask if the recession really over? ..... maybe for Wall St.

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