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Breaston And Rice Gone

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Just curious as to how y'all would feel about trying to pick up Roy Williams? I think it would be a decent pickup for us. By no means do I think he's a stud, but I think he could come in and produce. He'd be another big target for colt. Any thoughts?

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Well, let us all ask these questions: Right now we have the following WRs on the roster:


Greg Little

Josh Cribbs

Jonathan Haggerty


Carlton Mitchell


Chansi Stuckey

Demetrius Williams

Rod Windsor

Chris Mattews

Juan Nunez

L.J. Castille

plus TEs:

Ben Watson

Jordan Cameron

Tyson DeVree

Evan Moore

Alex Smith


That is 17 players. How many WR/TEs are the Browns going to keep on a 53 man roster? Which of these guys are you going to dismiss out of hand...even if the Browns pick up no one else. And who are you going to cut if they do pick up another FA WR? If YOU (they) make a decision to bring someone else in, who takes a hike? (Of course, this even ignores the question of "who is available" and "who should they go after").

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Demetrius Williams, Stuckey, DeVree, Castille, Windsor can all kick rocks. Let the others compete. I'd like to see what Matthews has got but would like to see Floyd or someone brought in for a good price.


Nope. You need to tell us which 5-6 WRs and which 3 TEs end up on the opening day roster.

I don't see how they can devote more than 8-9 spots for those positions on a 53 man roster.

I mean, if you keep Little, Cribbs, MoMass, Robo, and Mitchell I don't see how you can have room for hardly 1 more. (Except on a "taxi squad"...Mathews perhaps?). Cribbs on there helps because with him you don't need an extra spot for a kickoff and punt returner.


If the Browns bring in a FA WR....do you see them saying "Sayonara" to either Mitchell or Robo? Again, I am trying to figure out who plays the regular season here.

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I think that if they bring in a FA WR it's telling MoMass and Robo that they need to show they have something during camp or they could be out of here. I think we will carry 6 WR's since we will be in more 5 WR sets this year and I know that our 3 TE's on the game day roster will be Watson Moore and Cameron with Alex Smith being the 4th guy who doesn't dress. I know for sure with our current WR's that Cribbs and Little will for sure be on the game day roster then most likely Robo MoMass and Mitchel with the 6th spot being taken by one of the UDFA from either this year or last year (most likely either Matthews or Haggerty). If we sign a FA WR I would not be surprised to see either MoMass or Robo dropped in favor of keeping one of the UDFA guys. Regardless I have ZERO allegiance with any of these WR's and the only one I would be pissed to see dropped at this point are Cribbs and Little (Cribb's only because he can serve in multiple positions). Other than that I don't care who is on the active 53 man roster just as long as they are the best of the bunch.

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