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Meanwhile, The Phoney Mmgw Fraud Is Proven More And More


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Yep, it's a real bad time for liberals to keep up their foolishness. The gw baloney was just a leftist crisis prod to get people


into voting their way. They used it for Gore and Kerry and Obamao. But other prods got Obamao into office, especially race.


But the REAL data from NASA blows their nonsense out of the water. And the UN's "models" were... wrong, and intentionally so,


because the UN wants more $$$$$$$$$$$$$ and power, too.


And the polar bear researcher who did the study on the plight of the polor bears (mmgw, you know).. is now in trouble

for scientific misconduct.


"Virtually all scientists agree, huh, Shep"


Rof,l.... but it's also very sad.








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