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fear mongering, name calling, lies

Pumpkin Eater

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It isn't working this time, republicans. If you hope to win back the whitehouse in 2016, you better come up with some new tactics.


Why are you still trying this route? Do you think that suddenly, by cutting and pasting nonsense, the American people are going to change their minds?


Your tactics won't work against a strong candidate who stays cool and makes the election about real issues instead of fear and hate.

I'm sure there are many undecideds who you could actually convince to vote for McCain if you spent some time talking about him and his stances on the issues instead of fear mongering and name calling.

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We're shit smeared with National Enquirer conspiracy nonsense about scary black people, pedophiles, vampires, baby eaters, communists, and god knows what else.


I would like to tell you that it'll be all over soon, but after the election these disgusting/smearing/racist/SOPHOMORIC fucking posts and drivel will only increase as the plebes become further disenfranchised for some unknown reason.


The fact that they vote for the "Party of the Rich" is even more mindblowing. I guess it's because they'll let 'em carry their guns.

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