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PSU-USC wrapup


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Obviously, I am a PSU homer, but give credit where credit is due without wearing the Blue-White shades too much. So where shall I begin?


The score of 38-24 was misleading, obviously. However, in a game where PSU just uncharacteristically made mistake after mistake, two plays stick out to me as being turning points in the game. The Aaron Maybin offsides call absolutely set the tone, giving the ball back to USC and then letting them score. Then, Stephon Green coughing up the ball near the end of the half did not help matters either, as USC just waltzed right and scored again before the half.


Losing Royster did not help matters either. Green is the burner, but Royster has been great in picking up blocking assignments and weaving his way through traffic. Not the fastest of backs, but great vision and great balance. His being out definately hurt. Of course PSU also lost their starting right side of the line as well - no clue what happened there.


I am not going to go out on an island here and call Mark Sanchez the next Joe Montana. PSU's secondary scheme has baffled me for years.... YEARS! Today was no different. Anthony Scirotto simply sucked today. SUCKED. He was not picking up his man on the schemes whatsoever. There would be 3 on 2 coverage to his left, and yet he would fail to pick up someone coming from the right. The skinny post routes were his to defend and he absolutely should have stayed the hell home because he might have covered people better.


Damian Williams is good -very good. He creates a lot of space with his routes. The USC running game did ok. PSU's front four did nothing. This was just a good old fashioned but kicking, but at least PSU hung in there and went at them the second half instead of cowering in a corner and getting blown out by 30 or more points. That is a good sign.


As far as player possibilities from this game:


Rey Maulavagina - thanks, but not thanks. He got bitched all game long and showed me nothing but tendencies to be out of position and not make many plays. No thank you. Aaron Curry, step up, please....


Taylor Mays - nice helmet to helmet hit on Norwood. That is one hell of a freight train coming right there. I would take the kid in a heartbeat. I give Norwood kudos for getting his ass back in the game. You do not see too many kids get up and back in after hits like that. I want this kid. Period.


Brian Cushing - solid kid. Did not do a whole lot. 3rd round pick or late 2nd.


Clay Matthews is a little punk bitch. I do not like him. He is a baller, I will say that. But he is probably the one loud mouth on the team I chose to really not stand. He would be a late 2nd round pick as well, maybe higher. High energy.



PSU had a chance to make the game closer, but failed to capitalize at the end. I think Clark played a great game, considering that every team he went back to pass he got chased out or knocked down. The first INT was not his fault as Quarless fell down, and the 2nd INT was garbage throw and desperation.


USC deserved this game, no question. I am not so sure they are much faster than PSU, but I do know they make adjustments where needed and exploited the weak spots, which basically was attacking Scirotto.


I sure as heck will not complain about an 11-2 season, especially where most of the know-it-alls were picking PSU behind Ohio State, Michigan State, Wisconsin and Iowa.

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Guest Aloysius

Thanks for putting that together, Big.


I think Matthews solidified his Round 2 draft position tonight. If we somehow pick up an additional 2nd in this year's draft, I wouldn't mind seeing us use it on him.


You're right that Cushing didn't have an amazing night, though he did get the pressure that led to Will Harris's sack. He should be a late Round 1/early Round 2 guy. I think his best position may be strongside linebacker in a 4-3 defense; I could see a team like the Giants using a late 1st Round pick on him.

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It was Sanchez's day in Pasadena, not the vaunted Trojan defense. Clark was pretty good, actually.


You just don't play much better than Sanchez did today on the big stage. Quite a show.



Sorry shep, but by nature you're just too in love with trying to manufacture a story out of something that just isn't there.


PSU was simply outclassed....didn't really matter who was taking snaps for U$C.


Sanchez didn't do anything special; just what he should have done leading that team against an out-classed opponent. He made 2 or 3 throws that were actually "impressive," but other than that....insert any other QB on the roster and the result is the same.

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FYI... AQ Shipley handled every damn DT he faced all year. He may be only 6'1 295 lbs, but he is a stud and whale of a center. Maualuga is so friggen over-rated. He is most well known for a late hit out of bounds to the head of a QB. Otherwise he disappears and runs out of plays.

My oversight - there is a reason Ship won the Rimington Award this year. People were saying we needed another C because Fraley is about done - well, I mentioned a couple weeks ago Ship was worth a look.

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