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The Obamao Stinkie-Stink


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Obama Approval Plummets to New Low Among Americans Skeptical of Jobs Plan





Geithner: Economy In "An Early Stage" Of Crisis




Obamao's severe lack of leadership - he cowardly refuses to address problems of his regimes' own making:


TSA officers arrested on drug charges...


Big Sis promises to grope children less...



He sets up crass fronts to hide his disastrous failures:


Obama to Tout Jobs Act at Company that Outsourced Half Its Jobs...


Obamao rewards his buddy Buffet with incredible riches via... GE. You know?


BILLIONS AND BILLIONS: GE to Buy Back Shares From Buffett...




The Bush admin voted AGAINST the loan for that solar company that is now being investigated by the FBI,


and went bankrupt... and OBAMAO PRESSED FOR IT TO BE MADE. NO, that was not Bush's fault either.


and, btw,


just this month AGAIN - a federal judge has ruled Obamacare UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and the case heads to the SUPREME COURT.



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