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Sarah Palin Had Fetish For Black Men And Used Coke?


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Report: Palin book alleges ‘fetish’ for black men, extra-marital affair and cocaine use

The Daily Caller – 17 hrs ago


Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is about to get another round of intense press coverage.


Author Joe McGinniss, who has been studying Palin for three years and even moved next door to her home to dig up dirt, describes in his book an extra-marital affair, illegal drug use and much more.


“The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin” will not be released until September 20, but The Daily Mail reports on a few of the more shocking details that it contains.


McGinniss’ book reportedly describes that Palin had a sexual ‘fetish’ for black men and had a one-night stand with Miami Heat player Glen Rice while dating future husband Todd Palin. Rice is said to have confirmed the encounter to the McGinniss.


The book also contains claims that the former governor married her husband only after being impregnated, saying that her first child, Track, was born eight months after the wedding.


“The Rogue” alleges that Palin then went on to break her marriage vows, engaging in a six-month affair with her husband’s business partner, Brad Hanson. According to The Daily Mail, Hanson co-owned a snowmobile dealership with Palin’s husband, but the affair led to the break-up of the business. (RELATED: Coulter: Palin’s fans are a liability, she has become the ‘Obama of the tea party’)


And in a potentially explosive detail for Palin’s conservative family woman image, McGinniss reportedly writes that Palin used marijuana and cocaine. McGinniss writes that Palin snorted cocaine off an oil drum while snowmobiling with her husband and friends, and smoked pot in meetings with a professor while a student at Mat-Su College.


Palin was furious after McGinniss moved in next door to her Wasilla house, according to confidant Rebecca Mansour, who told a supporter, “Time to find a way to go medieval on this McGinniss. Don’t be fooled by the light tone of the [Facebook] post. The BigBoss is so upset by this.”



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The Left is out to try to destroy all and any opposition.

Even children with disabilities.


Even to the point of threatening to kill all Tea Party and Republican folks.


And Obamao's corrupt "Justice dept" won't bat an eye, under orders from the wh.

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More proof that lying is the only way out for the left, and that is not continuing to work, either.


The left has no principles, nor honor.


The left's lies in a book make it a good seller - to the hardcore, extreme left.


Too bad libs like Kosar suck it right up.

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