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Some Alarming Medical News Links From Naturalnews


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MikeAdams.jpg Dear NaturalNews readers,


Explosive new evidence has emerged that Gardasil vaccines appear to be contaminated with a genetically engineered Human Papillomavirus recombinant DNA. This has been revealed by SANE Vax, Inc., which conducted the laboratory testing which found contamination in 13 vaccine vials purchased in countries across the globe.


Could this help explain the devastating (and sometimes deadly) side effects being experienced by adolescent girls who take HPV vaccine shots? Read more to find out:



Also today: We publish the transcript of a secret interview featuring Dr. Maurice Hilleman, a top Merck vaccine scientist, who openly admits that vaccines contained leukemia, SV40 and cancer viruses that cause tumors. A shocking admission from the history of western medicine. Read the full transcript and listen to the interview yourself. You will be stunned:




Medical societies maintain secret financial ties to drug companies. Surprised? You shouldn't be:




What's safer than mammography? Thermography! It detects breast cancer by sensing heat:




Also, if you're looking for a way to experience relief from muscle cramps, check out this article on lemon grass:




P.S. I'm on the Robert Scott Bell show today, discussing the Greg Caton case and other topics. Tune in at www.NaturalNewsRadio.com


P.P.S. I'm also hosting the Alex Jones show today, which broadcasts at 11 a.m. central time. Guests include Dr. Andrew Wakefield and a surprise guest from the Rawesome Foods raid! Listen in at www.PrisonPlanet.com


More news continues below, including a breaking story on methyl iodide (the deadly pesticide being used on strawberries grown in California)...





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